As much as I like this hospital….

….I’m kind of sick of it already.
Clovis Community is a great place–nice people–nice hospital. But…I don’t wanna be here anymore.
The Redneck spent all of yesterday and last night in ICU. He had trouble breathing and his oxygen saturations would dip down too low when he slept. Yesterday, from 3:45pm to 7pm (when they sent me home), I had to wake him up when his numbers fell.
Today, they got him on his feet. Lots of pain. He’s fragile and, I think, a little scared. When I leave, he’s not too happy even though he sleeps when I’m there.
He’s been transferred to the surgical ward and seems to be okay. We’re going to bring the kids here to see him tomorrow.
I’m…tired. I feel like I’ve been here forever.
I’m still going to dinner with two author friends tomorrow night come hell or highwater. I may have to take more time off of work.
Anyway, that’s why you’re not seeing me. The battery to my laptop died and there’s no available plug in the Redneck’s room.
But the good thing is we’re on our way to recovery. How long that might be, I have no idea.


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