This seems like a weird topic for a blog post. I’m not advocating it or saying “Come follow me!”. But in the midst of all this crappola, Twitter has been, well, pretty awesome.
I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it gives me a sense of being a part of even when I’m not a part of a conversation.
Which kind of sounds like I’m some creepy person who lives in your attic and feels like I’m family but….I do enjoy the sense of eavesdropping without the responsibility. The sense of immediacy is something I need too. I love Romance Divas forum and I can “eavesdrop” there too, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel the same to me.
I once described Twitter as “Instant messaging with a few hundred of your friends.” Maybe that’s why I love it. Because IM was always my way of reaching out when I couldn’t talk in “Real Life”. Those times I wanted to bitch about the Redneck but he was sitting right next to me. The times I wanted to brainstorm, but my children were screaming so loud I couldn’t hear myself think much less have a phone conversation. Those times when email was JUST TOO SLOW.
Twitter is like that.
My favorite thing to do is watch a NASCAR race and follow everyone’s comments on Twitter. Or get into a discussion about…well…anything. It just has a nice feel to it for me.
And I don’t have to say anything.
About the Redneck’s surgery.
About the EDJ.
About anything.
I can just…be there. Following. Not commenting.
And still, the twitter keeps going.
It’s to the point that I’m almost willing to get that Twitter app on my phone for $3 a month.
And then, I think about this:


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  1. Shawna

    Oh, that was funny. I don’t have access on my phone either. Although I really wanted to tweet about that older woman with the lilac pantsuit and matching hair I saw walking down the street, probably won’t get it either.

    I’m with you. Sometimes I just stalk, er, read tweets and then go back to what I was doing. The tweet stream can be comforting. ; )

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