You know, I am well aware that there is “some power greater than myself” that takes care of me when things get tough.
For example: My best friend, Michelle.
Of late, I have been very sad at some of my losses, some things that will never be, some things that have changed and will never be again. I found the stress of the Redneck’s declining health a bit more than I could handle. (On a side note: The Redneck isn’t having this surgery because he’s a fat bastard who won’t diet and has chosen this surgically induced starvation as a way to get skinny. He’s slowly dying. He gets out of breath walking down the hall, can’t put on his shoes without a fireplace poker or my help. He MUST have this done or he may not be around much longer. Okay. Back to the regularly scheduled program.)
In the vacuum of my insanity steps a familiar voice who reminds me that I need to take it easy, don’t judge myself for not being some superhuman robot who keeps that “stiff upper lip”. She reminds me to stay centered, don’t run away and stick it out–tears and all.
In the midst of insanity, it’s easy for my inner self to shift, get off-kilter, become something I don’t want to be. Michelle reminds me where my core resides. There aren’t many people who can do that for me. She does.
Anyway, congratulations Michelle on pickling beets for the first time ever. And soon, I’ll pack up my pressure canner and drive out there to see you. I need my damn earring back.



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2 responses to “Michelle

  1. jodi

    she sounds like a good friend.

    btw, she’s right. You can’t be superwoman all the time. You usually are. Just put it down for right now and deal with the fact that people care. lol, I think Gwen told me the same thing a couple of years ago. Good advice, and I still remember it.

    also? cry. It’s good for you.


  2. Jen

    Man, I HATE crying. It’s the worst feeling in the world IMHO yet I’ve been much more likely to do it for the last three months.
    I know it’s just the buildup.
    I don’t do well with buildup.
    Gwen is aaaaall kinds of awesome.

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