I Got No Rant This Week

Given that the next few weeks will be hectic and stressful, I’m going to call a halt to my usual “Just Sayin'” blog posts and just wing it.
I’ll try and give updates so ya’ll know what’s going on.
If you want to go and find my happy note, I’m up on The Romance Reviews blog talking about “Marked For Desire”.
The boss at my EDJ approved next week off but he’d prefer I come back the following week. Understandable since the end of the month is a tough time to cut out and our quarterly meeting is two weeks from today. He’s been awesome and I appreciate him.
The whole situation has made me a bit fragile. I can tell since I’m overreacting to stuff and generally being a bit neurotic. I know I’ve lost my mind since I CRIED when they told Brianna to go home on “The Next Food Network Star”.
But perhaps that’s because it’s easier to deal with the drama of reality TV than it is to deal with the reality of my life. With the Redneck buying shit on Ebay because he “wants to make sure the boys have what they need if I’m not around” and my job being hectic and crazy and Cub Scouts and the boys wanting to play football and….
I think my perky author button is broken.
Anyway, I don’t know what the next few weeks will bring. I do know it’ll be interesting.



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2 responses to “I Got No Rant This Week

  1. thinking bout you and your redneck….
    its gonna be fine…

  2. Jen

    Thanks so much, SB. I…keep telling myself this….

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