You gotta be kidding Just Sayin’ (A Day Late)

To The Federal Government
Let me get this straight. The Arizona Governor gets a law in place which seeks out and deports illegal immigrants and you’re ALL OVER IT, convinced that the law will infringe on the rights of others. But you’re conspicuously silent about Proposition 8 which denies basic rights to gay people. Seriously? In my book, the immigration law in Arizona is a desperate response to a desperate problem. Do I think we should start booting people back to Mexico? Not unless they’re law breakers. But here’s the thing. Why do one group of people who are NOT citizens, who are NOT covered under the constitution of the United States, get all the attention and people who just want to get married and have access to their loved ones when they’re DYING have nada? I’m not saying either of these laws are right or wrong, but to declare that Arizona’s law is unconstitutional and remain silent on California’s proposition is totally wrong. Your promises to gay and lesbian groups that you would advocate for them is hollow to say the least. Your continued interference with constitutional law is ridiculous. Your wishy washy interpretation of the constitution is biased. Be consistent. If you’re going to nail Arizona and piss all over their oats, better save some for the great state of California that said that if you’re gay, you’re different. Nice.
Just sayin’
To President Obama
I get that the incident between those “humanitarians” and Israel made things a bit tense over there, but did you have to go over for a well planned photo op that will probably do nothing instead of sticking around and dealing with our growing Gulf problem?I’m sorry, but maybe Israel and Palestine need to duke it out on their own. And maybe you should get your butt back home and put a little of that fire under BP’s ass. Wrong priorities.
Just Sayin’
To all my characters
Yes, I know. It sucks that I don’t have time. Soon, my friends. Soon.
Just Sayin’
To The BIL I Can’t Stand
You seriously can’t see why your mom and dad don’t want to let you “borrow” their car to go to OAKLAND? Okay, dude, let’s recap. You’ve been about as reliable as a Chevy Nova. You’ve done more drugs than all the Rolling Stones put together. You’ve paid a visit to the loony bin…stone cold sober. Now, add all that to the fact that Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in California and I’d say “nooooooooooo fucking way”. They were nicer. I noticed you didn’t ask me. Smart move dude.
Just sayin’


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