That’s Alright. You’re Just Crazy Just Sayin’

First, the good stuff.
To Loose-Id

OMG!!!! AWESOME cover.
June 29th release day!!!!

The Blueshift Brotherhood is still a threat
There’s no safe place in the universe for Princess Sera Placido. The Blueshift Brotherhood assassins want her dead and she has no idea why. But she has no intention of letting them, or a sexy Nyral dominant, stop her from doing her job. Her people are scattered and it’s up to her to keep them together. And if that means she has to risk her life, then so be it.
If there was any other way to find the leader of the Brotherhood, Leo Eyler would have done it, but Princess Sera is the only lead he has. He is ordered to protect her, even from herself. What he doesn’t realize is he’d have to protect her from an ancient source of power that has devoured every one of Sera’s ancestors. But the more time he spends with her, the more he longs to bring her hidden submissive to the surface and make her his.
Chased through galaxy after galaxy, Sera has to learn to trust Leo and he has to discover the mystery of her planet’s abandonment. Passion between them explodes and they discover some of the best kept secrets are best left alone.
Just Sayin’
To my Ex Sister-In-Law
I don’t know what good drugs you’ve been taking, but I’m still not going to be okay being your target for when you and the BIL I Can’t Stand have issues. Storming into my work place yelling at me because I asked him to watch my boys while I’m WORKING isn’t going to get you anything except a restraining order. No, I didn’t tell your ex husband he “had” to watch my children. He offered. No, I’m not going to walk off my job to go get my kids and bring your ex husband back to you. And no, I don’t think your daughter is having an emergency when you’re in my office screaming at me instead of with her. I’m not sure what the hell that was all about, but I don’t have any patience for crazy drugged out people anymore. I’m holding back on the restraining order because my niece doesn’t need that shit, but I don’t need YOUR shit. Get sober or get lost.
Just sayin’
To The BIL I Can’t Stand
Do I believe you didn’t do anything to direct your crazy ex toward me? No. Do I think you probably set me up to take the hit because you didn’t want to deal with her? Yes. Am I EVER going to have you watch my kids again? Not unless I have NO OTHER OPTION. I mean NONE.
Just sayin’
To That Guy Who I Need To Give A Blog Name To Because He’s SUCH An Asshole
You know who you are. To your comment that I am “just a secretary”. I’m “just a secretary” who is left in charge of the office all the time, who takes care of business no matter what. I’m supposed to be in charge of dispatch. Why? Because NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO DO IT for the chump change I’ll do it for. In fact, the secretary who retired before me got paid a BONUS for it. I don’t, asshole. What does this mean? This means that the next time you LECTURE me on dispatch, you might keep in mind that I’m not going anywhere, that you’ll have to deal with me when shit gets bad for you. You might keep in mind that I’m nice, I’m professional, but my husband will KICK YOUR ASS if you talk like that to me again. Oh, and you might want to stop being a first class dick whenever you deal with my boss. Because one of these days, you’re going to need help and I’m going to look at you innocently and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m just a secretary.” Go fuck yourself, asshole.
Just sayin’
To British Petroleum
Stop spending money on egotistical ads to gain our trust and clean the fucking mess up. We don’t care that you “know” you’re responsible. We don’t care that you have employees on the coast. Just shut up and clean up. Jeez.
Just Sayin’
To President Obama
Same goes. I don’t care that you’re angry. I don’t care that you’re “on top of it.” I want to SEE you do something about it. So far? Not much. You’re not my favorite person anyway and this has only added to your “why he’s not all that and a bag of chips” list. Oh, and declaring a moratorium on drilling when jobs are already lost on the coast because of the spill? Quel Stupid.
Just Sayin’
To James Carvel
I’ve always liked you. I like your wife better, but I really like you right now.
Just sayin’
To Dominique
Honey, I don’t mean to be rude? But I’m booting your ass. You’re not telling me everything and I don’t need a CHARACTER mind-fucking me. Got enough real people doing that shit. So, DELETE!
Just Sayin’


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