Thirteen Awesome Things Happening This Month

1. A Cub Scout Yard Sale
We’re having a fundraiser for a campout in July.
2. The End of School
Believe it or not, I’m happy for my kids.
3. Another week of training at work
I need it.
4. The Redneck’s Birthday
5. Trip to Fort Bragg
For the Redneck’s Birthday and Father’s Day.
6. Train Boy gets his squirt gun
and I won’t have to listen him about it anymore.
7. We’ll find out when the Redneck goes in for surgery
8. The Deadliest Catch Finale
I can’t wait. It’s going to being awesome.
9. I get to take a weekend off.
10. I get to see my best friend Michelle
11. I get to go to the Reno Rodeo
12. I get to see my friend Ingrid.
13. Summer will begin.
if it ever stops raining.



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7 responses to “Thirteen Awesome Things Happening This Month

  1. A lot going on – and a lot to look forward to! Enjoy it all to the fullest (maybe you can get your hands on that squirt gun yourself, too, eh)!

    Happy TT!

  2. So glad you have some good things to look forward to for a change!

  3. OMG…YOU and the clan are coming east??? yay!

  4. Sounds like you’re starting the summer off with a bang!

  5. wait. the end of school is a good thing? are you sure?

  6. Well yeah! It could only be better if you were shootin’ something every day. Now that would be awesome!

  7. Sue

    Yay you! I bet Michelle is excited to see you too 🙂

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