On the lighter side….

…I have a poll for you.

I’m assuming we’re talking about an author you really like.

Reason I’m asking? Well, I’m probably going to release a part of my command series in an anthology and I’m wondering what you all think.
Honestly? I didn’t buy. Here’s my example. When Joey W. Hill came out with the next installment of “Knights of the Boardroom” in a print anthology featuring Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes and Denise Rossetti, I considered it….and then didn’t. Why? At that time, I wasn’t a big anthology reader. Plus, I thought the contrast between Jasmine, Joey and Denise (I hadn’t read Jaci yet) would be too broad, too vast, to really interest me.
Then, I was on the Joey W. Hill fan forum and people were raving about the Knights of the Boardroom–blah blah blah.
I reread “Board Resolution” and realized I HAD to have the next two. Now, ya’ll know how I love love love Joey W. Hill. It must be the anthology thing.
Anyway, I really want to hear your thoughts on this. Do more or less authors sweeten the deal? Do you want them connected somehow? For example: In the anthology “Unlaced”, Joey, Jaci, Jasmine and Denise all feature a corset. Jaci and Jasmine wrote erotic contemp. Joey erotic BDSM contemp and Denise’s was a paranormal fantasy. (Very very cool btw).
What do you think?



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7 responses to “On the lighter side….

  1. Fedora

    Jennifer, I LOVE anthologies, so I tend to grab them anyway, but I definitely do if it includes a story by someone I’m following. I find that sometimes I get hooked on new-to-me authors by reading their contributions to an anthology… That happened with Unlaced, actually–I’d read Jasmine, Denise, and Jaci before, but Joey was new to me. What a terrific discovery 🙂 Laced with Desire’s on my TBB…

    • Jen

      Thanks so much Fedora!
      Usually an anthology is a great opportunity to try new authors which is the whole reason authors DO them.
      Laced with Desire is AWESOME.

  2. i like anthologies as well…
    i use them to “test drive” new authors …but yes i like the collection to have some sort of relationship / connection /thread no matter how tiny… i like the puzzle of how /why they were chosen and put together.. almost as much as the stories themselves..

    • Jen

      I’ve read anthologies that do the connection very well and some that don’t.
      Like I read a Wedding anthology. Two of the stories were chick litty and the other two were sweet, heavy, dark stories.
      I couldn’t make the switch from funny/snarky to dark and angsty.

  3. Hi Jen. I look at it like this. If I like one author in an anthology, but may not have heard of or read the others it’s a chance for me to give them a shot. I’ve bought a lot of Lori Foster’s anthologies knowing I’d at least like her story, but in most case was pleased with the others as well.

  4. Witchy Woman

    I’m going to play the devil’s advocate, as a rule-I “prefer” single titles, trilogies, and series written by one author only, but and yes there is a but–I do own anthologies. Why? Because, if an author I know and love has a story within that anthology, I’m all in. And while I’m being completely candid, lol, might as well go all the way. There’s a publisher which cranks out anthologies that are always up my alley. So, that too—on occasion has swayed my vote.

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