A Lousy Timing Just Sayin’

To Humboldt County
You just had to pick the time when I’ve got massive drama at home, started working full time and the Redneck is having surgery to have local politics get interesting. I especially hate that I’m unable to research stuff the way I used to and now can’t fully participate in the online kerfuffles. *shakes head* I blame you.
Just Sayin’
To the Media (You know who you are).
Okay, I get that when Bush was in office, there had to be a strong opposition. In fact, I believe that there should be a balance between the president and the other branches of government. But I expect you to hold Mr. Obama and his administration responsible just as you held Bush responsible. How many of us saw the vilification of Bush’s slow off the mark FEMA director, Brown, who was accused of being too slow to see the magnitude of Katrina? Yet, how many days did it take for Mr. Obama’s administration to deal with the midwestern flooding. Perhaps the small towns destroyed weren’t as important to you as New Orleans, but to the people who lost their homes and businesses, it was everything. For two weeks I waited for you to hold Mr. Obama accountable for his slow response to the flood areas. Instead, you gave him a pass, focusing instead on BP’s sloppy oil spill. Hey, guys, look over there. People DIED in the flooding. The oil spill only killed those oil rig guys who risk their lives every day so that you all can drive your Prius. (Yeah, it still requires oil to get your electric car going.) I’m not asking that you suddenly become Fox news. Heaven forbid. But your clear bias gets in the way of journalism.
Just Sayin’
Not My Kid’s Mom
Your lies and stealing are going to catch up with you.
Just sayin’
To The Brother In Law I can’t Stand
You’ve lived with us for a year. For the most of that time, you’ve been a fuck up. Being all nice and willing now? Won’t get you in good graces with me. About the only thing that would work is if you quit hanging out at the Wild West Saloon. As long as I still have to see the ding dongs you used and drank with, I’m not buying the big clean up act.
Just sayin’
To My Body
Did you have to pick Monday, and the day I have to do a Cub Scout meeting to have nausea and vomiting? Is this some kind of test? Yes, I went to work. Yes, I’ll do the Cub Scout meeting. I come from good stock, damn it. Your timing sucks big donkey balls.
just sayin’


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