A Drive By….

….because I only have a few minutes but I had to say this.

I don’t know ANYONE named Ryland. Or Blake. Or any of those other “stud” names. The guys I know are Joe, Jeff, Mike….not Rafe.

I just had to say that. I was checking out the top 25 Erotica ebooks on Fictionwise and the names of the heroes were starting to piss me off.

It just seems like nobody writes about poor old Bob. I remember when I let a crit partner read my first book “A Taste Of Christmas” and told me that the name “Jim” wasn’t sexy.


I should have named him Blake.




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2 responses to “A Drive By….

  1. Sue

    Trust me, it isn’t just in erotica. Those are the alpha males in most romance these days. I guess names change with the decades so maybe Bob just isn’t a good enough draw anymore. *shrugs* I know that YOU can make Bob sexy if anyone can 🙂

  2. Jen

    LOL!!!! That’s tempting!

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