Well, At Least It’s Different…..

I’ve complained a lot about the situation at home, and the Brother-In-Law I can’t stand and NMK and his mother, but this weekend has been different.
The Redneck is home and we have time together.
Train Boy spent the night at a friend’s house so The Redneck, the BIL I Can’t Stand, and I got to spend an awesome evening with Demolition Boy.
And best of all? NMK and NMK’s Mom were gone all Friday night and all today.
So why the hell am I in a shitty ass mood?
Well, the writing went kaput. I wasn’t ready for that. The Gothic Historical Werewolf Thingy has stalled just as I was about to finish it off. I have some major issues with Dominique’s story, “The Heart She Holds” which will require some very delicate handling.
And starting Monday, I’ll be working full time at an office for the first time in ten years.
The Big Boss is coming in on Monday to train me for a week. I’m nervous. I’m not exactly “organized” and she’s already warned me to get my shit together.
I don’t think it is.
Let’s just say that my stomach hurts and I’m grumpy.
*in the voice of Rosanne Rosannadana* “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”



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3 responses to “Well, At Least It’s Different…..

  1. Good luck with everything. I had one of the big bosses pay a visit on Thursday and I just missed him thanks to my mid-shift schedule.

  2. Jen

    Thanks RJ. Lucky you.
    My big boss will be here all week.
    Um Yay?

  3. Shawna

    I’m sorry, hun. I’ve been in a writing slump for the past few weeks and I know how hard it is. I hope things start looking up soon.

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