Thirteen Reasons I Love Ambrosini Elementary

1. Trudi and Beth
These two women are the secretaries who do everything from bandage wounds to soothing parental ruffled feathers. I think they’re awesome.
2. Lisa Jager
Best teacher ever. She’s done so much to help Demolition Boy and I adore her.
3. Mrs. Ferriera
This teacher is the first one to raise a red flag about DB. Her instincts about teaching are invaluable.
4. Mrs. Pedrotti
She’s been DB’s strongest advocate and also, helped him to love reading.
5. Frances Damien
She’s the resource teacher who has given DB some great tools to learn.
6. Dr. Rob
No one has been more willing to work with my kids and with me to find solutions for them.
7. Mrs. Stockwell
The worst thing was when the school had to let her go. She’s teaching in Rio Dell now. Lucky school.
8. Mrs. Allen
When Train Boy stands up to say the latest “My Daddy says” protest, she has been calm, cool and collected. I admire her tremendously.
9. The teamwork
Most of the time, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. That is amazing.
10. The communication
The whole staff has been good about always informing me of what’s going on.
11. The programs
They’ve had music and art programs always trying to get kids to participate in the right brain stuff too.
12. The commitment
I’ve noticed the school prizes teachers that go the extra mile. They’re amazing.
13. The close knit staff
I’ve mentioned a few, but there are aides and lunch room folks who are just as important to my children’s well being as their teachers. I think they’re fantastic.



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10 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I Love Ambrosini Elementary

  1. inezkelley

    Sounds like a great school with a lot of good people.

  2. Sounds like a great school!


    My TT is at

  3. Sounds like you’ve been blessed, there. Congrats on finding a good place for your kids – and for you!

    • Jen

      I wish I could say that I “looked long and hard” but it’s a matter of geography. LOL!!!
      Though if I didn’t think it was working for him, I’d pull him out.

  4. Very fortunate for you to have a school that is supportive and looking out for your children’s futures. Wonderful!

  5. I wish my kids could go to schools this good.

  6. No doubt about it — our country needs more awesome teachers and schools like this. Your kids are fortunate to live in the right district!

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