Old Stuff, New Stuff Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
How awesome was it to SLEEP UNTIL 4:30am on a Monday. And how cool is it that you’ll be home tonight. How fantastic is it that we’ll have dinner together tonight and every night for the rest of the week. I’m almost afraid to believe in it.
Just Sayin’
To NMK’s mother
Instructions to the idiot: When your dog has diarrhea in your room (and also diarrhea in my kitchen) please don’t leave the mess in the kitchen for me to find in the morning. Also, when you clean it up in your room? Don’t use MY TOWELS and then, THROW MY TOWELS IN THE GARBAGE. I understand that you may have a plethora of towels to throw away but I do not. Therefore, I point to the PAPER TOWELS which work well AND are meant to be tossed when used. Because even if you THINK towels should be thrown away after some use, they’re still NOT YOUR FUCKING TOWELS. At least ASK me. Jeez!!!!
Oh, and also? Telling your KID to clean it up when you’ve kept him home because he’s sick? Um, not very cool. Of course, I know you’re fucking lying but you could at least sort of make it LOOK like he’s sick. You know, and clean the mess up YOURSELF.
Just Sayin’
To The Brother In Law I Can’t Stand
Seriously, dude? Get the fuck over yourself.
Just sayin’
To California Voters
In an ad put out by CalChambers asking the question “How did we ever get here?”. Well, when have you guys ever known me to leave a question unanswered. Here’s my take. I was there.
Gray Davis, staunch moderate Democrat and middle of the road guy, was forced to buy expensive (very very expensive) power from greedy (and business savvy) companies. And why was that, you ask? Well, lest you’ve forgotten, California had enacted laws requiring plants to shut down, to save the environment. At first, the law worked fine because we bought cheap power from Mexico and, after all, who gives a shit about Mexico’s environment. As long as our backyard is safe, turn on those air conditioners. But Mexico started to sell to the highest bidder and we weren’t it. China was. So, Davis, to keep the lights on, paid way too much with high interest loans so that you and I could have our Lattes at Starbucks in Pacifica without having to worry about brown outs. Because nothing pisses people off more than not being able to watch another episode of “Law and Order” because there’s no damn power.
But it gets better.
When responsibility for the purchases were placed in Davis’s lap, EVERY DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN in California bailed on him. They threw him to the wolves, allowed a “recall” election (which was a travesty IMHO) and then refused to support Davis putting Bustamante out there, splitting the Democratic party in two. The result? Ahnold. Now you’re unhappy. Ahnold slapped back those Unions forcing furloughs on hard working people employed by the government. Ahnold attempted to cut spending in places the Democrats held sacred (Never mess with a Democrat’s pork. He becomes rabid).
How did we get here? Easy. Ahnold didn’t have the conservative clout to get a smile from George Bush. And he doesn’t have the liberal support either. He might have been elected by you, but he couldn’t be effective with you. His political power crumbled as we watched and the stimulus money was pissed away….where? No one knows.
Here’s the thing. The Gubernatorial election is going to be ugly with mud flying everywhere. But don’t ask how we got here. We got here the same way we always get here. Overspending, corruption and greed. I don’t have a solution, mind you. It’s all overwhelming to me. It would be nice if just ONE of the candidates discussed how they were going to solve the problem rather than pointing fingers to place blame. But after this many years, I don’t expect it.
How did we get here? One sleazy political move at a time.
Just sayin’



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6 responses to “Old Stuff, New Stuff Just Sayin’

  1. i woulda been tempted to rub her nose in it. just sayin.

  2. Jen

    I considered it, but I settled for bitching LOUDLY outside her door.
    I’m sure she thinks I’m a first class bitch and I abuse her terribly. *rolls eyes*.

    I don’t care. I have my honey home every night this week. NOTHING is gonna mess with that baby.

  3. just sooo glad you have your man home a bit more… soo sooo very glad for you alll….

  4. Oh my. Sounds like major drama at home.

    And I wish I had an answer for the budget mess. All I know is one party doesn’t have a solution and the other doesn’t officially have a candidate yet. *shakes head*

  5. So glad the Redneck is working local! hugs – steve

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