Thirteen Things My House Mates Do That Irritates Me

1. It’s Grand Central Station Here
All three of the adults who live here have their damn friends “dropping by”. I don’t get this. Calling first? No. And if they did, do you think these idiots would tell me? Hell no.
2. In And Out
Here’s the thing. The BIL I can’t Stand dumped his psycho dog on us long before he moved in with us. And she barks at ANYONE who comes to the door. Even if she knows them. Even if they just left the damn room. KNOWING THAT these idiots STILL go in and out of the damn house and set her off. Drives. Me. INSANE.
3. The Phone
I did NOT get a cordless phone so that it could get lost in the deep disgusting recesses of some idiots room. Both the BIL I Can’t Stand and NMK’s Mom aren’t exactly….neat. Add to it that most of the damn phone calls are for them, the phone, when I want it, is in one of their rooms and NOT on the damn charger. Very annoying.
4. Cooking But Not Cleaning
The BIL I Can’t Stand and his sidekick (who isn’t named here because he hasn’t pissed me off yet) come into the house and cook up a storm. Usually when I’m gone. Then, they leave most of the dishes and mess for me. Not. Cool.
5. The dishes
We generate a lot of dishes in our house. Yes, most of them are from me cooking or my kids. But EVERYONE enjoys the food and everyone makes the dishes. But my favorite move is when NMK’s Mom washes ONLY the dishes she and NMK use leaving all the rest there. Essentially implying she takes care of HER shit and leaves mine for me. Riiiiiiiight. *rolls eyes*
6. The Garbage
Again, seems to fall on me.
7. The Drama
What with my BIL I Can’t Stand doing the stark raving sober thing and NMK’s Mom having her latest “OMG No one will heeeeelp me! I’m such a victim! It’s NOT MY FAULT” I have had my FILL of Drama.
My response?

8. The Remote
Petty? Yes. Irritating? Hell yes. We had one. For five years, it’s been misplaced but found quickly. Then, people moved into our house. And the remote disappeared. We bought another one. That one disappeared. I went on a rampage and found them both. I bitched at everyone to leave them where they belonged. Then, the remote disappeared again. And the other one was gone. I found one but the other one is still missing.
I’m STILL seething over this. Oh, when asked, the members of the house say “I don’t know where it is” and don’t help look for it. THAT pisses me WAY off.
9. The Dog
When NMK’s mom got evicted, she asked us to take the puppy. Why the HELL she had a puppy in the first place I don’t know. She’s an idiot. The puppy was normal puppy sized. The DOG it’s grown into is a friggin’ MOOSE. He chews up everything (2 pairs of Demolition Boy’s shoes and one of his boots) and gets into the garbage if we don’t put the kitchen garbage out of reach. He’s a Pain In The Ass. Plus, he and our unfixed male dog are doing the whole alpha male thing. Yay. Oh, and when we’ve disciplined the dog, NMK’s Mom acts like we’re animal abusers. Grrrrrrr.
10. The Fights
Two boys was bad enough, but now that we’ve added a third child–one who is not always subject to the same rules–is challenging. The fights have been pretty frequent and very annoying. Especially since NMK’s Mom pretty much stays away until her kid is the “victim”. I know I’m putting her in a harsh light, but she’s such a friggin’ pain.
11. NMK’s Mom’s Weirdness
I don’t understand her thinking. She says things like “If he wants to spend money on ME, well, why not?” Or after complaining about not having money “I went to the store and bought this chocolate cake.” She tells me all the time that she won’t take charity but she “knows someone” at the deli who gives her free food. Really?
*shakes head* Like I said, I don’t understand her thinking. But that’s probably because I was pretty damn lucky in my life and she hasn’t been.
12. The Bathroom
We have two. One is a full bathroom with a shower tub,toilet, and sink and such. The other is off of my bedroom and has a toilet and a shower. The big bathroom is also the laundry room. It’s used by everyone except for me and my husband. Now, NMK’s mom takes a bath. Every damn day. Tying up the bathroom for at least an hour. If anyone needs the bathroom, they use mine. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people using my bathroom. It’s just….A BATH? Every day? Take a damn shower like the rest of us. That bathroom is used by three adults and three children. Yet, I’M the one who ends up cleaning it up. It’s nasty. Plus, NMK’s Mom breaks the shower door at least once a week. It falls off the runner and take all of two minutes to get back on. But she doesn’t do it and neither does anyone else. They leave it there until I come in there (usually cause my kids want a bath) and fix it. *shakes head* People are JUST WEIRD!
13. The I’m Sorry Stuff
In our house, we have a saying. “Don’t say you’re sorry if you’re not sorry.” Well, these people are the reason that saying is so true. “I’m sorry” stops meaning anything if nothing changes. And my lovely housemates are a good example of that.

June 1st is a deadline. And yes, the dog is going too.
And no, I can’t just kick them out.
I might, however, begin some subtle form of torment. Any ideas in that direction are totally welcome. LOL.



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22 responses to “Thirteen Things My House Mates Do That Irritates Me

  1. Yikes! The dog I can forgive because I’m an animal lover. The people, not so much! You should check out The Dog Whisperer. He has some great ideas on how to curb behavior problems. For dogs, not people! Though they might work on people!


    My TT is at

  2. You, my friend, are a saint. I can barely tolerate well-behaved and lovable weekend guests for more than a few days, and you’re dealing with this – and will continue to for two more months – like a champ.

    *takes off my hat and bows*

  3. Oh, dear. No clever ideas for torment other than hide the remote and phone yourself and go on strike for as long as you can stand it, sorry. *hugs*

    • Jen

      Hey! I hadn’t thought of that. I could take the remote and the phone with me in my purse.
      God, wouldn’t that make them nuts? LOL!

  4. Oh my … that would drive me crazy too, Jen. *HUGS* I agree with Tatiana – you are a saint, my friend. 🙂

  5. What a nightmare! This makes me appreciate my significant other. The cats need to stop with the hairballs, but what can you do?

  6. Powdered sugar in the bed sheets.

    Works every time.


  7. I have no idea how you deal. I’d kick people out. I’m mean and nasty like that.

    • Jen

      Yeah, I thought I would too. It’s a lot harder to do in reality. But I have set a limit which is a hell of a lot more than I had a few months ago. LOL.

  8. Ha! I’d so be in trouble with you. I love bathing. Happy TT, anyway.

    • Jen

      *glares at Brenda* Bad girl. And you’d probably leave your wet towels laying around too wouldn’t you?


      The love of bathing in and of itself is not irritating. The bathing while others are waiting to use the bathroom? Hugely annoying.

  9. Why do I have this feeling that you’ve described what my life will be like in a few years when I have three teenage boys?
    Nah, we’ll train up right.
    Though, this does remind me all too well of some college roommates.
    I hope you can make it to that time limit.

    • Jen

      The Redneck and I have joked that all the people we’ve had live with us have prepared us well for the ensuing HELL of having teenage boys.
      Isn’t that awesome??? *sarcasm*

  10. sashadevlin

    We’ve had this discussion. Feed them. Then calmly tell them if they want the antidote — and want to continue to get it — they better do X,Y & Z.

    Those people are lucky they have you and not me. They’d all still be rubbing their backsides from my boot.

    • Jen

      I have a feeling that things are going to get VERY interesting when the Redneck comes home.
      He’s making noises like he’s going to “Set The Straight”.
      Of course, The Redneck thinks he’ll fix everything.
      He’s in for a surprise I think.

  11. Oh, bad memories, really bad memories. This is advice I tell anyone who will listen; never ever live with your in-laws. It comes from experience and it ended with bad feeling on both sides.

    Hide the remotes, hide the phones, then hide the TV. Then when your done take the kids and hide out for a couple of days at your mom’s house.


  12. See, this is why I refused to let Baby Sister move in with me. It was bad enough when she stayed with me for two weeks in January. Sure, I may be barely scraping by right now, but at least I don’t have the stress of her sh*t as well. {{{hugs}}}

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