A New Poll Just For Fun

Just for kicks and giggles, I’d like to see what you all say. Usually, I just go with the story that’s loudest, but right now? They’re ALL loud. So, I’m going to give you a chance to tell me what you think.

Up for your selection……..
The Heart She Holds
This is Dominique’s story. She is the female dominant who owns The Cage, the BDSM club from “The Christmas She Rules”. Though Dominique has always been a voice in my ear, it wasn’t until recently that I got a line on her submissive, Benjamin.
Blurby bit:
When Dominique first meets Benjamin, he’s just been released from jail, damaged from the experienced and completely unable to function. She quickly realizes this is one beyond her powers to heal and sends him to a therapist. But she never forgot him or the spontaneous and powerful gift of his submission he gave her.
Falsely accused and imprisoned, Benjamin spent two years tormented by inmates. His natural submission perverted and used against him, he is confused and desperate when he falls at Dominique’s feet. It takes five years of therapy, but he’s finally able to face the female dominant who reminded him that his submission was precious.
Their connection is explosive and both of them have baggage. The question becomes whether their doubts will drive them together or blow them apart.
The Gothic Werewolf historical Thingy
Some of you have met Joshua and Elizabeth already.
Blurby Bit:

Left alone to run the vast Arundale estates, Elizabeth Arundale listens to the whining of her husband’s distant cousin, extricates her brother-in-law from brothels and provides a firm hand for the cousin’s child who is the Arundale heir. For ten years, her husband has dumped it all in her small hands, never revealing why he traveled to Jamaica only days after their wedding. But Elizabeth has reached the end of her rope and discovered the secret of the Arundale men that makes her job even more heart wrenching.
Nothing would have compelled Joshua Arundale to return to his estate except a threat to the woman who had been his childhood friend and now, his wife. When he receives a letter stating she’d been ill, he rushes home. The years yawn between them and the secret Joshua kept from her is like a bitter sore he won’t allow to heal. Elizabeth rips away the scab and forces him to deal with the mess he left behind.
When Joshua’s brother gets himself into a situation he can’t handle, the secret of is in danger of being revealed. Elizabeth and Joshua must team up to protect the men of Arandale.
The f/f fem dom Contemporary
Most of you have read about Erica.
Blurby bit:

There’s nothing restrained about Erica’s sexuality. She’s all female dominant. As long as she’s on top, she’s good to go. Just because she doesn’t get off all the time doesn’t mean she’s repressed. When she takes one of her puppy boys out to the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, it’s more to celebrate being a dominant and support her friends who are homosexual. That’s certainly not her bent. Or is it?
An after parade BDSM party shoves in the company of Sharon, a lesbian submissive who attracts Erica like no one else has in her entire sexual life. But Sharon is no pushover. She’s not interested in a Domme who doesn’t admit she’s gay, in fact, denies it to the hilt. Erica pursues her and Sharon begins to fall for the woman.
Whatever it takes, Sharon will hack away at the walls around Erica until the fem domme reveals her true self.

Oh and leave me a comment about your choice. I’m really curious.



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15 responses to “A New Poll Just For Fun

  1. I have to go with the Gothic Werewolf Thingy (yes I am thinking of dirty thoughts when I think of “Werewolf Thingy” LOL). I’m a sucker for shifters, Gothic, historicals. Sounds faboo. Write it. NOW!

  2. Witchy Woman

    I voted for gothic werewolf historical thingy…would it be a paranormal, historical, “romantic suspense” thingy? The blurb is right up my reading alley. Love it actually…great job on those ideas!

    • Jen

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to writing all three of them. Of course, that’ll change when they mess with me in the middle…..LOL.

  3. Did someone say Gothic?
    And werewolf?
    *happy sigh*

  4. Gothic… werewolves. This is new territory for you, isn’t it?

  5. You’re killing me here! How can I choose just one? Okay, my quasi official vote is for The Heart She Holds because I love that series and need more, more, MORE! But I’m also totally digging the gothic werewolf so you better write that too. Or else. *said in a very sinister voice*

  6. The Heart She Holds!!

    Um, please?

  7. Laura K

    Love your BDSM work. nuff said

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