The Wheels of Justice Grind A Little TOO Slow Just Sayin’

To Peter Pan
Congratulations. You’ve managed to lie your way to another success. It’s hard to believe that a man would, at forty-three, exaggerate the extent of the perks a company gives him for the sole purpose of causing dissension and anger among his co-workers. But you’ve certainly proven that growing up, at least to you, is overrated. When you couldn’t backstab the Redneck, you went to work on the others. One of them took the bait and demanded perks from the company. When refused, that crane operator (who is miles better than you and younger to boot) quit. There’s only one problem, Peter Pan. When you did that, when you managed to get that young hot head to walk away, you fucked the Redneck. He was going to come home. He wasn’t going to have to get up on Monday’s at 1:30am to drive three hours to work and a shitty trailer for a week. He was going to come home to us every night. We were going to get a break from the almost five years of road tripping we’ve had to do. Now, his “jail sentence” as he calls it is extended because YOU had to be the big shot. Because YOU wanted to reduce the competition so you wouldn’t look bad. Thanks for this. Don’t think we won’t forget this, because we won’t. We’re going to remember just who screwed us here. You did, Peter Pan. You, with your massive ego and your tiny penis, were the one who took away the chance we had to be a family again, if only for a little while. The Redneck is gunning for you, asshole. You’d better watch it.
Just sayin’
To the owner of My Husband’s Company
You know, I’ve always considered the upper management of your company to be smart and savvy–making your way in a shitty economy and succeeding. Yet, when it comes to Peter Pan, you have a blind side. The Redneck vouched for him, but you’ve taken this a step further. What the hell has Peter Pan accomplished in the short time he’s been with you that warrants a company truck? And why would you REPLACE that truck with another company truck when Peter Pan wrecked the one he had? The Redneck first thought it was because Peter Pan had the fucking gall to ASK you for this shit. But after watching Peter Pan play the young hot head crane operator into asking you for more and YOU SAID NO, I’m convinced that’s not it. Tell the truth. Did Peter Pan find out you’re really a woman? What else could it be?
Just sayin’
To The Washington D.C. Politicians
Much has been bandied about this new healthcare bill. Conservative pundits trash it. Liberal pundits call it “a landmark bill”. No one considers what it’s going to do to those of us in the middle. I’ve never had an issue with making sure all Americans are insured. I’ve seen the damage from being uninsured close up thank you, having been one of them when I was younger. The stumbling block has ALWAYS been HOW TO PAY FOR IT! I’m not against this new reform thing you’ve just foisted on us. But let me say what I am against. I’m against making THOSE OF US WHO ARE INSURED pay for this program. If you want to tax ALL Americans for this program, fine. But to raise rates on those of us who work our ASSES off to try and afford healthcare is plain robbery. This is why Obama’s plan never played in my house. Not because I didn’t think there was a need, but because he proposed making ME pay for it. So, my insurance company, which has already increased my deductible, refused to recognize my youngest son’s ADD as a “medical condition” and so didn’t pay for any of his care, and demands every God damned thing in triplicate, is now going to be taxed by the federal government so someone else can have insurance. Thanks for that. I mean, why couldn’t you add a fucking finance charge on all the damn weapons you sell overseas? Or how about having a fucking bake sale? For me, I don’t have ideology differences about healthcare. I have fiscal difference with it. You think that by going after “the big bad insurance companies” you’re going to strike a blow against arrogant corporate greed. What a joke. All you’ve done is fuck me up the ass with no lube. The worst of it is that we tried to tell you. We tried to explain. But you didn’t listen. All you heard was the strident tones of the far right and screaming demands of the far left. Those of us stuck between them are the ones who will pay the bill.
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
It’s amazing how “I love you” the three strongest words in the English language still gets the job done.
Just sayin’
To The Dumb Asses Threatening Violence
Oh. My. God. Seriously? Can we no longer have political differences without resorting to death threats? One blog I read talked about how some middle aged white wanted to “punch the next liberal he saw”. Needless to say, the blogger was contemptuous of this behavior. The worst part of this kind of shit is it encourages the liberal belief that those of us who disagree are unreasonable and crazy. I’m so tired of it. I don’t agree with many liberal actions. Their ideals are good, but their solutions to problems are unwieldy and arrogant. Not that the conservatives are any better. They have several ideals that completely offend me and their stubborn belief in their own moral fortitude is annoying, especially when the latest sex scandals seem to involved conservative politicians. Look. Politics is about passion. Or it should be anyway. We all have a passionate belief in SOMETHING whether it’s abortion rights, pro-life, gun rights, gay rights or whatever. Threatening violence only makes you a thug, not a passionate person. A passionate person rolls up his/her sleeves and starts fighting in the political arena. As one who has done this, I warn you. It’s not pleasant. The political arena is all about words and mob mentality. Violence isn’t respected and ignorance is ridiculed. Passion is tolerated but barely. I suggest you all go out and take a fucking Yoga class before you open your mouths again.
Just Sayin’
To Unnamed Local Politician
One of the things about working where I do is that I have to deal with those of you seeking office in this contentious 2010 election year. I didn’t like you in the first place, but when the place I work for makes an appointment so that you can receive an endorsement and you don’t show up and don’t call? Makes you look pretty bad. But I wasn’t surprised at all. You’re a POS who has managed to stay in office for a long time based on a population that doesn’t see the lies you tell, the incompetence you cover up and the cavalier way you treat those who helped put you in power. But then, why should you worry? You’ll pay your way back in again.
Just sayin’



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10 responses to “The Wheels of Justice Grind A Little TOO Slow Just Sayin’

  1. I wish I could give you a cookie. Or a martini. (((Jen)))

  2. Jen

    Thanks ATM. I’ll take the martini.
    And to think last week, I was considering doing away with “Just Sayin'”. LOL.
    I certainly went off this morning.

  3. Can you stagger Conversations With Characters with Just Sayin’?

    (…just sayin’…)

  4. Eric Kirk

    RRW – If you aren’t making over 200 grand a year, and you don’t have a union based health plan, you probably won’t see any direct tax increases. Taxes may be passed on to you at some point from the health care industry taxes, but most of them may be metabolized by the companies themselves, especially if the insurance exchange really does generate competition.

    And if you make under 88 grand a year with a family of four, you may actually qualify for subsidies.

    In short, it may not have a direct impact on your wallet at all. How it affects the market remains to be seen. Eventually, we’ll have a public option which will ensure competition.

    • Jen

      Ah, but I DO have a union health plan. You see, I am the wife of the one in a legion of workers who combined together so they could have affordable benefits and decent wages. As a result, I will now be taxed on my health care as if it’s income.
      And btw, if I made less than 80 grand in California with two kids and a friggin’ house, I wouldn’t HAVE my house.
      Just to survive, with groceries, gas and heating, I’ve had to take a second job, write my ass off, and The Redneck can’t take a day off.
      This bill, for all its good intentions, is about spanking the big insurance companies IMHO. The only problem is that the people who really need spanked, won’t get hurt at all.
      It will be those of us who are already at their mercy who will pay the price.

      • Eric Kirk

        Spanking them? Quite frankly I think it rewards them. They get subsidized mandatory coverage and at this time no public option to compete with them.

        I’ll personally benefit since I earn well under 200 grand a year and small businesses offering coverage will get tax credits. Also, because my son had a benign heart murmur we have been told to keep the insurance because he would be barred from other coverage due to a “pre-existing coverage.” We will benefit there immediately, as well as the mandatory no-deductible preventive care check-ups.

        Right now our coverage is next to useless. Almost everything we do involves a huge deductible or is denied coverage. They won’t even let us pay more in premiums to upgrade it. This bill will resolve that in a few years.

        Most importantly, the drop in premiums if the exchange introduces actual competition will benefit us. You’re lucky to have union coverage. Nobody else has any bargaining power whatsoever. That’s why the “cadilac” coverage will be taxed – collective bargainers are in a much better position to negotiate and split the difference with the insurers.

        I understand your point about 80 grand not being enough to own a home in California – certainly not for anyone buying after 2000. However, the median income of working people in California is 55 grand. As hard as it is to get by, you are well above the middle in terms of income.

        But I hear you.

  5. This is quite possibly my favorite Just Sayin’ yet, Jen. You are sass and spunk and smarts all rolled into one. xoxox

    • Jen

      From you, Kristabel, HIGH PRAISE. In other words, back at ya’.

      • Jen

        I guess some kind of healthcare that helps SOMEONE is better than nothing at all.
        I guess my issue has always been why can’t they come up with something that doesn’t punish one part of their population for the rest.
        The insurance companies won’t hurt over this at all. They’ll just start raising prices, denying coverage and sharpening their pencils. Add to that that now all my bennies will be taxed as income and it would almost be better to stop working and go on welfare since the insurance will be better.
        The average HOUSEHOLD income is 55k? Because in Humboldt county, the median income is NOT 55K. The last I checked, it was 30K.
        My husband isn’t typical. He has to travel to make good money. That means that we have huge expenses along with that great income, but that’s what we have to do to survive.
        It’s either that or move. Which we won’t do. LOL.

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