Kate Pearce’s “Simply Insatiable”

Being an author does have its perks. Like, for example, I have a mailing relationship with Kate Pearce. I send her cookies and jam. She sends me a “Simply” book. I definitely got the better end of this deal.
When I finished “Simply Wicked”, I was SHOCKED to find that the hero of her next book would be LORD MINSHOM. For three books, this man had been sexually devious and easy to hate. In the end of “Wicked”, I got supreme satisfaction when Minsom was booted down the stairs and ended up with broken ribs and the beating he deserved.
How the hell was Kate Pearce going to make HIM likable?
I should have had faith. Kate not only redeemed him, she made my heart ache for him even while she made him sexier than hell. When “Insatiable” opens, Minshom in a pitiful condition. For the first time in years, his control over others is slipping. And while he’s reeling from his humiliation, in walks his wife.
Yep. His WIFE.
Jane Minshom is proof that, at one time, Minshom was a different kind of man. Her courage, her determination and her absolute honesty makes me realize that Minshom hadn’t always been a man desperate to dominate, control and manipulate everyone in his wake. His reaction to his wife breaks the facade we’ve been shown for the last three books.
Their relationship is fraught with complications and pain. Through their interactions, I was given a view into Minshom’s soul….and his fear. It is heart wrenching to watch the two of them both fumble toward each other and then Minshom runs like hell.
Once his motives, his past is revealed, all of his evil manipulations are not only explained, but completely understandable. Let me just say this. The suffering that created Lord Blaize Minshom was enough for me that, even though he still lashes out at Jane, I never felt he needed to suffer more in the end.
Yes, the sex is HOT HOT HOT, but that wasn’t the best part of the book for me. There are scenes in this book that are so gut wrenching, so amazingly emotional that I found myself running them through my head again and again.
This is the best book of the “Simply” series and, I think, the best book Kate Pearce has ever written. I’m lucky to know her and grateful that she sends me these stories in advance.
Don’t wait. Pre-order this book now and have it sent to you. It is worth ever single moment.



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2 responses to “Kate Pearce’s “Simply Insatiable”

  1. Actually, you know, the jam is worth every book I ever write.
    Thanks so much for this, Jen. I was worried about whether Minshom would ever be likable to anyone but me, so I’m glad at least two of us understand him. 🙂

  2. Jen

    I bet a lot of readers will get him. Some won’t, but I think you did a GREAT job on this book.

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