I Hope My Boss Doesn’t Read My Blog Just Sayin’

To my job/company
I want someone to explain to me why, when we want to award someone death benefits, we mail them five forms with requests for notarized/certified copies of death certificates. I mean, someone they loved just DIED. And we want them to fill shit out in triplicate? I think it’s inhuman. Seriously.
Just Sayin’
To My Boss
You know, I really like you, but I CAN’T READ YOUR WRITING. Can’t you just type it in Word? Oh wait. That’s my job. Except that I can’t read what you’ve written. Not very fun.
Just sayin’
To my blog readers
I’m considering trading in “Just sayin'” for “Conversations with my Characters”. I haven’t been very amusing lately and I just can’t get upset/excited about politics these days. Frankly, the kerfuffle between Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick held my attention more than the healthcare debate. But having said that…..I do have something to say further down.
Just sayin’
To You Assholes In Washington
I’d like to suggest a law, something you can’t weasel out of, written in stone. A bill should only include items associated with the topic OF THE BILL. There shouldn’t be some kind of financial voodoo that has NOTHING to do with healthcare on a friggin’ controversial healthcare bill. I mean, this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of this kind of politics.
Just Sayin’
To My Editor
Thank you. Yet again.
Just Sayin’



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4 responses to “I Hope My Boss Doesn’t Read My Blog Just Sayin’

  1. Witchy Woman

    Hi Jennifer, I think it’s a staple of your personality. If you were to get rid of Whiskey Wednesday e.g. and the title Just Sayin’ I’d miss it. At least your boss only makes you type. It could be worse. You could be expected to: get coffee, write, edit, type it into Word and then edit, rewrite, delete, start from scratch and repeat. Until your boss is sufficiently satisfied that your irked enough. Imagine that!

  2. Jen

    LOL! I think if he’d been in the office today he WOULD have. But he wasn’t. Sooooo….he’s stuck with my interpretation of his scrawl.

  3. midge

    Love your “just sayin’ ” I would miss it.

    The most recent “conversation with character” just got a quick scroll/browse from me. I read the “just sayin’ ” word for word and crack up…….

    just sayin……

    • Jen

      Well, Just Sayin’ is dear to my heart, Midge. But I was finding it tough to keep it “relevant”. I think I might have let my expectations get too high. LOL.
      I’ve decided to just add my “Conversations with my characters” to my blog and keep “Just Sayin'”

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