I Told You I Wasn’t Nice….

So, today I had to go to a kid’s party. Have I mentioned I hate kid’s party? I knew I had. This one was at the Bowling Alley and that has a whole slew of interesting people to watch. Being a writer, I just can’t resist.
Next to our lovely party was a group of people who’s dynamics I never did figure out.
The central figure of the “drama” my mind made up with this group actually caught my attention because I was completely riveted.

What’s wrong with this picture?
I asked the Redneck and he couldn’t see it. I think men have a tougher time seeing what appalled me.
It’s bad enough that the back of her shirt crosses in the back and her bra straps are completely visible. But the shirt was sheer–see through. And the bra?
In other words, she could have just skipped the shirt all together and strutted around in her bra. The drama surrounding her was interesting too. The group was what I call “Humboldt County Mixed”, meaning it’s hard to say why the hell these people were in the same place. But one guy was pretty good looking in a non-pretty boy way and completely taken by a tall brunette. He surprised me since I glanced over at one point and he’d gotten a green salad from the greasy spoon in the bowling alley. Miss Black Bra strode over when the tall brunette was bowling her frame and took the fork from the guy to take a bite of his salad?
Am I the only one who thinks that sharing a fork and food like that means you’re related (closely) or screwing? Even close friends don’t behave like that. Well, in my strange writer’s mind they don’t. The tall brunette came back, clearly the guy’s woman. That didn’t stop Miss Black Bra from flirting and basically playing the lean down on the counter and give the guy a good view of her boobs.
I was confused.
I will say there was alcohol involved.
But it was 3 in the afternoon!!! Seriously. It was interesting.
So, I stalked the chick and took a picture to remind me. Black bra? yes. Showing it at the bowling alley? Nooooooooo.



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7 responses to “I Told You I Wasn’t Nice….

  1. I caught it. I was going to say she was wearing a men’s “wife beater”, which explains the poor fit.

  2. Jen

    LOL RJ!!!!!
    I was fascinated by her. I mean, she was PRETTY. The whole low cut/obvious thing wasn’t necessary.
    I got the feeling no one had ever told her that.

  3. bigwords88

    The “I’m just gonna lean over so you can look at my tits” move works surprisingly well on most (if not all) straight men, so I’d say she wasn’t related to the guy*. I’ve never had anyone come over and take anything from my plate when I have been eating, but I would probably put my fork to good use if they did. It’s surprising how quickly people move away from the table when you shoot them a look that says “I will stab you.”

    * Exception: In parts of the Continent familial closeness can appear really creepy, if not downright incestuous. YMMV.

  4. You have got to take an information trip to WV and hang out here for one week. Enough WTF Redneck stories to last you a lifetime.

    • Jen

      LOL!!!! What is it about us? I mean, I was riding with my BIL and he told me that I was “Officially labeled” since I’d been in the “Skankmobile”.



      Yep. We is classy here.

  5. I was oblivious . . . catching fashion faux pas is not exactly my forte, you know that Jen! Cool observations from a writer’s eye – I like making up stories about the folks I see . . . . cheers

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