Why Did I Click That Link Just Sayin’

To Rielle Hunter
One more time, you’ve provided another “Why did I click that link” moment. Because when checking my email, I saw THIS. Congratulations. Not only are you a homewrecker, but you broke up a marriage where the wife had CANCER. Nice going. Did your astrology happen to mention that when you were throwing yourself at Edwards? Not that he’s blameless. Clearly, he’s a tool with a $900 haircut, but seriously, when will women start taking responsibility. You had a choice and “being in love” isn’t an excuse. It’s an insult to women everywhere who know what love is all about. Yes, I can see that you could have fallen for him. Yes, I can see that it might have caused you PAIN to walk away. But to sleep with him, have his child and then announce your “love” in a public way like this? Just smacks of someone looking for a book deal. Elizabeth has all my sympathy and support. And you? I don’t feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for your daughter who will have to know what you’ve done all her life. Clearly, you only thought of yourself and your wants and no one else.
Just sayin’
To James Sikes
I’m sorry. I don’t believe you. I absolutely abhor people who take advantage of OTHER people’s misfortunes to “cash in” and that’s what I think you’re doing. I do believe Toyota has an issue. I do believe others have a case. But people like you ruin it for legitimate plaintiffs.
Just Sayin’
To Train Boy
Yeah, you hate school. Yeah, you hate Mondays. Yeah, life sucks. Guess what? You’re not the only one. Why do you think you get preferential treatment? I suggest you get your ass in class and shut your mouth.
Just sayin’
To the BIL I Can’t Stand
It isn’t funny, dude. The whole thing last week was a mess and you fucked with my week. It. Isn’t. Funny. You’re starting to irritate me and that isn’t good. Plus, do you pay ANY attention to what goes on here on the weekends? The Redneck comes home and has to do his laundry. Why, oh WHY did you suddenly decide to do five loads of your fucking laundry on Saturday? Yeah, thanks for that jerkface.
Just sayin’
To Dominique
I know. I swore I wouldn’t write another fem domme story. I swore you were a secondary character and that’s it. And then you introduced me to Benjamin. You did it ever so gently, but it was clear I wasn’t going to get to escape from writing this story. Yes, you’re right. He IS fascinating. I think it’s the tattoos.
Just sayin’


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