An Update on all things Redneck and weird

So, to recap (in case you missed it all).
On Sunday, my BIL slipped a cog and by Wednesday had to be admitted to the local mental hospital. He was there for about twenty-four hours and then came home. He is much better.

On Monday, Demolition Boy stepped on a piece of glass and ended up in the ER. Instead of stitches, they used Bondo which worked wonders. DB is doing well, though he’s thoroughly pissed that he didn’t get to miss school over it.

This morning, I took the BIL to the dentist ER and they pulled his tooth. Much of his craziness went away after they pulled that sucker. However, it was a long wait for me in a place with a lot of interesting people. The day slipped away from me.

The Redneck and I have set aside our differences about listening to both sides for the moment. I don’t know how we’re going to resolve it, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. Sometimes we leave stuff like that alone for a while. Hopefully it won’t fester.

Food for Scouting is this weekend. I’m not sure I’m up for it since my ears are still plugged and I still can’t breathe. I’m crossing my fingers.

I have no idea what the next few days hold. I’m kind of hoping the Redneck will come home and take the reigns. Yeah, I kind of doubt he will too. LOL.

Is there anything else I haven’t updated lately? Oh! DB’s Attention Deficit. The meds seem to be working but with all the stress in the house it’s really hard to tell. We’re in a holding pattern with that. And I found out my insurance doesn’t cover anything to do with his diagnosis since it’s a behavioral not a medical problem. Stellar, huh?



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4 responses to “An Update on all things Redneck and weird

  1. omg…
    *pouring you a double*
    you need a day off…..

    h.c.r. … we reallly reallly need it….
    (im not talking about any particular bill talking about REFORM)

  2. Jen

    Thanks honey. I could use a break….but not coming anytime soon.
    And I agree. REFORM.

  3. ‘It’s a behavioral not a medical problem.’

    *turning into The Hulk*

    Behavioral, my ass.

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