Insanity Runs In My Family Whiskey Wednesday

Well, after a loooooong day yesterday involving the Emergency Room and calls from my kid’s teachers, I think things have finally died down.
The BIL I can’t stand was committed yesterday. We think he’s going through withdrawals from drugs and alcohol, but we aren’t sure. He was clearly hallucinating and really having a rough time, but I think he’ll be okay. It only took two trips to the ER and a call to the mental health hotline, but my BIL is getting the help he needs.
Yesterday afternooon, Train Boy’s teacher called because TB was refusing to participate in a presentation given by the University. Because the Redneck has definite opinions about environmentalism, my son said “I won’t” and didn’t. The only problem is when I told TB to go back in there, he defied ME.
Yeah. I wasn’t in the mood.
I had to pick him up and take him home. Let me just say that I am NOT happy. Though I am thrilled my son isn’t a lemming and questions everything, I still believe we should be respectful of the “other side”. The Redneck, however, disagrees.
So, last night he and I went ten rounds with no decision.
It ain’t easy being a Redneck in these here times.
It’s not that I don’t agree with him. When Demolition Boy’s teacher tells me that another nine teachers are on the chopping block because there’s “no money”, I wonder where the money for these “presentations” are coming from. Because they’re all funded by grants from the government. These presentations are all about the endangered Snowy Plover and beach grass. Now, why do they have enough money for these things, but not enough to keep teachers employed to teach math, reading and writing?
I don’t want my kids “brainwashed” with some of that stuff either BUT I’m a firm believer in keeping an open mind and LISTENING to both sides. I’ve told Train Boy you can’t argue your side if you don’t understand BOTH sides of an argument. Sometimes, I think the Redneck doesn’t see that he’s teaching our kid to only think like HIM and not think for himself.
Needless to say we still didn’t agree last night.
It’s been a long week and I don’t mind saying I can’t wait until it’s over.



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2 responses to “Insanity Runs In My Family Whiskey Wednesday

  1. I’m glad to hear your BIL has gotten help before his mental state worsened. Bleached cigarettes and alien injections are good enough for me in the he’s-lost-it check list. What’s so frustrating is how many people in need of care get turned away until someone is injured or killed.

    And I applaud you on trying to present your both-sides approach to Train Boy. When a person can still hear an opposing viewpoint – not agree with, but actually hear the viewpoint – a whole lot less time is wasted and people can actually work things out in the world.

  2. Jen

    He’s back home and…well…a little hostile. I hope he’s going to be okay though.

    I don’t know why the Redneck is so resistant to helping our kids deal with this kind of stuff. There will be many, many times teachers/schools will say things we don’t agree with. That’s no reason to walk away and plug one’s ears.

    I think it’s important to have conversations about this stuff. You can’t do that if you don’t talk to anyone except people who agree with you.


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