It’s the Insanity That Makes Me Crazy Just Sayin’.

To The Brother In Law I Can’t Stand
Okay. So, you chucked your mattress and all your shit out onto the back lawn. Then, you completely make no sense in anything you say-accusing everyone of “bleaching” your cigarettes and talking about sleeping in the gutter. You spend the night at your friend’s house, come home to completely trash my kitchen making pancakes. You talk my ear off for an hour about how aliens injected you with alcohol. When I take you to the Emergency Room, you’ve got NOTHING in your system? What the fuck? I’m starting to feel like you’re dicking with me. You want attention? There are other ways. You’re FORTY, not six. If this is some kind of game, I am NOT playing and I don’t think it’s funny.
Just sayin’
To my Editor
Just when I start to kick this bronchitis to the curb, drama ensues at my house. I swear I’m not procrastinating. Much.
Just sayin’
To my Mentee, Sasha Devlin,
You have been my bright spot. I look forward to your emails and I’m having a blast. Thank you for taking a chance on this.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
I don’t know how much more of this I can do. I really don’t.
Just sayin’
To Not My Kid’s Mom
You’re starting to look like the SANE one. How scary is THAT.
Just sayin’


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