We Aren’t Dead But It Was Close Just Sayin’

To This Bug That Won’t Let Me Go
You’ve pretty much kicked my ass for a month. Long. Enough. Time to go.
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
What I don’t understand is when I’m really sick, you’re DYING. You know, it would help immensely if you would just…I dunno…pick up the slack when I’m down. But somehow, you’re always worse off than I am. *sigh*. Is that a male thing? Anyway, whatever it is, it sucks.
Just sayin’
To My Entire Household
You act as if none of you are capable. It’s stunning to me that this house has been completely devoid of groceries and everyone looks at each other helplessly “What should we get?”. Oh COME ON! You eat the damn food. Don’t you pay attention to what it is? It’s incredible to me that everything falls apart when I don’t step up.
Just sayin’
To The USA Women’s Curling Team
I want to thank you for HOURS of interesting game play. I know most people don’t think of curling as a sport, but I really enjoyed it and I appreciate how hard you all worked to win, even though you were beat out in the end.
Just sayin’
To All My Canadian Twitter Friends
Thank you for spelling out stuff with hockey when I watched with you. I certainly was thrilled to see the men’s Canadian hockey team take gold.
Just sayin’



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9 responses to “We Aren’t Dead But It Was Close Just Sayin’

  1. Oh my goodness I must comment because my husband does the same thing. I feel near death and I carry on cos heaven forbid if I didn’t. The place would fall apart. He’s barely sick and he acts like he’s dying. Moans and groans, the works. So my sympathies sweetie. You are super woman!

    • Jen

      Thanks Karen. God, it is SO FRUSTRATING whenever I’m sick, the Redneck has to be sicker. *shakes head* I think it’s a male thing.

  2. jodi

    You should make a list of “normal things we eat around here” and stick it on the refrigerator. You’re lucky–my kids eat and leave debris. Soda cans, plates, bowls, forks, half-eaten pizza and sandwiches. And toothpaste ring-around-the-sink. It creeps me out. Ick.

    I hope you feel better. Soon.

    • Jen

      I’ve got that too, Jodi. What IS that?
      And I do have a list up on the fridge. But somehow, it completely stumps everyone.
      I must be smarter than I think I am. LOL.

  3. Shawna

    I hope you feel better soon. I know how you feel. For every day I’m sick in bed, it takes 3 days to get the house back in shape. Doesn’t make for easy resting.

  4. You’re sick too? I’ve only been down for a couple of days, but it’s been awful.

  5. It’s a man thing. I think they have it patented or copyrighted at least. Hope you get better soon!

  6. I absolutely think it’s a man thing. At least in my house. 😉

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