Quick Updates:

The Cub Scout Pancake Breakfast at the Rhoner Grange was fantastic. I had a blast working with some of the Cub Scouts parents. The Cub Scout Bitch was in full pissy mode, but for the most part, she didn’t get to me. We had so much fun too. After a really busy week, I was up at five, picked up the coolers we used from Fortuna McDonalds (Thank you to them!) and coffee donated from Starbucks (Thank you so much Fortuna Starbucks!). Seven a.m., I opened the doors to start setting up. Thank God a couple of parents showed up and everything went smoothly.
The best part was the people. We had some lovely folks come for breakfast. It was so fun. My in-laws showed up and brought their friends. I loved hanging out with the other parents in the kitchen. There was a lot of laughter and chatting.
Then, the clean up went really fast with most everyone sticking around to do the job. We hustled out of there by 1pm. I got a little pissy toward the end, but I was damn tired. I made it home after 1:30pm and had to unload the car and get ready to go to the annual Operating Engineers Crab Feed at 3:45pm. (The event actually started at 5pm, but I was part of the crew).
I fell asleep in my chair unfortunately cause I was BEAT, but managed to make it there a few minutes late.
The Crab Feed was also awesome! Lots of the people there were generous and I was glad to see them. We had some great prizes and Bob played fetch making sure Carol and I had drinks while we sold tickets all night.
The Redneck brought the dirt faced okie boys and NMK so they could have crab. He picked one for me which rocked. I don’t know how much we made, but it was a busy night.
Finally, the Daytona 500 was today and it was a doozy! The track, always a rough one, developed a pot hole 20 inches wide that took out a few tires and one splitter on Clint Boyer’s car. Of course, one of the biggest complainers about the hole was Jimmie Johnson (ya’ll know how I hate the Jimmie show) who whined that his tire was taken out by the hole. This was AFTER everyone knew it was there. So, I wondered why a supposed four time champion can’t seem to drive around a huge hole.
But the race itself was an adrenaline rush. In the end, Jaime McMurray came to the front and, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. pushing him, crossed the finish line after a tense bunch of laps. His Victory Lane speech was one of the most emotional, most gracious speeches I’ve heard in a long time. In it, he credits Greg Biffle for getting him to the front. He credits his new team that “gave him a chance” and he gave a serious nod to Dale Earnhardt Jr. who could have tried to pass him, but didn’t.
Let me say something about Jr. I’ve always hated the hype around him. He seemed, for much of his early career, arrogant and portrayed an attitude of entitlement that chapped my ass. But I think a winless season, his crew chief trouble and other difficulties has given him perspective and maybe some humility. I never liked him more than watching the post race interview, KNOWING how much he wanted to win that race, listening to him be happy for Jaime. I said it on Twitter. He’s shown he has class. Something his admired father never had. Something that makes him a better man than The Intimidator.
All in all, an awesome weekend. Exhausting, but worth every minute.


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