You are NOT Going To Believe This…

Set up:
If you read my blog, you know the Redneck and I took in Not My Kid and his mom when things went to Hell for them. Living with people isn’t easy, but the thing that has been the biggest obstacle has been NMK’s mom. She LOOKS like an adult, but in reality? Not so much.
One of the reasons she claimed they were homeless was that her boyfriend beat her and did all sorts of horrible things. But he was right on our front porch not long after we took her in. After a week or so, NMK’s mom and her not boyfriend had a screaming/throwing things fight in my house (I was at work) and my BIL kicked the not boyfriend out. It wasn’t pretty.
Frankly, I thought that was it. She promised me she was finished with him. But I’ve heard THAT before. I got her a job taking care of an elderly man and she just started meeting this guy there. Totally against her job’s rules. Next thing I know, there’s checks and jewelry missing.
I was so hoping the cops would take her to jail. No such luck.
She insists she never did anything. The cops said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge anyone, which she took to mean she was exonerated. Um, no. She even suggested her old job should APOLOGIZE to her.
Oh. My. God.
Things were dicey after that. Again, the only reason we didn’t kick her out, was NMK would be on the street with her. Things were starting to calm down. The not boyfriend called, but he wasn’t present much. Last Sunday, NMK’s mom gets into a screaming fight with him on MY phone and gets my number blocked from where ever he’s living. *rolls eyes*.
Oh, but it gets better.
She gets in her car and DRIVES OVER THERE to continue whatever it is they were fighting about. She comes back slightly drunk claiming he “knocked her around”. I was completely unsympathetic. I don’t believe the victim thing with her anymore. In fact, it offends me that she wants to play that role when there’s so many women who really ARE victims.
Then, last night was a nightmare. She insisted on seeing him, making him “pay what he owes her” and hangs out with him. NOT here. He isn’t welcome here. About six, she comes and gets NMK to hang out with the not boyfriend. At eight, she calls to say they’re staying the night with him.
I don’t like it, but what can I do?
Long week so I had a little whiskey and headed for bed.
3am my phone rings. I barely hear it and the machine picks up. She yells until I stumble out and answer the phone. The not boyfriend woke up and “went crazy” and she wants me to come get her.
“Just get in the van and come home,” I tell her.
“I can’t. I’ll get pulled over and they’ll take NMK!”
“What are you talking about? You told me your tags were taken care of.”
“I may have a warrant out for my arrest for tickets. They’ll take NMK!”
“You drove there and didn’t worry about that.”
“It was daylight,” she wailed.
“Get in the van and come home. I’m not coming to get you.” Yeah, I was pissed. Call me a bitch but SERIOUSLY? The word “no” IS in my vocabulary.
“I can’t!”
“Is there some other reason you can’t drive? Have you been drinking?”
“No, no, nothing like that. I promise.”
“Get in the van and come home,” I repeated.
Meanwhile, NMK is in the background hysterical. “I wanna go home!”
I stiffened my resolve. “Get in the van and come home.” I had to grit my teeth. Damn it. Why, oh WHY does she do this?
“Okay,” she said and hung up.
I was furious.
She made it home and went to bed. She’s still in bed. I have a shit load to do today and I’m soooo tired. I know. I should go in a wake her ass up, but I’m still too mad.
I asked NMK if the not boyfriend did anything to him and he said “No”. If he’d have said yes, I’d have called the damn cops. Why didn’t she?
I’ll tell you why. It was all bullshit. That’s what makes me mad. I feel like I’m always being played by someone who LOVES drama.
Meanwhile I’m tired and I’m praying, just praying, I can mellow out before I talk to her.
Maybe it’s because I remember being in similar places seeking similar drama. Maybe it’s because I was already stressed out from this week. But any compassion I might have had went right out the window at 3am last night. It’s gotta be somewhere. I’m too damn tired to look for it.
To sum up.
He’s a tool.
She’s a liar.
NMK is caught in the middle.
*shakes head*



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7 responses to “You are NOT Going To Believe This…

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ll pray for you. Sometimes when you try to be a good samaritan things get screwed up. It sounds as if it might be time to find some kind of agency headed by professionals who know how to handle her and her situation to step in. I’d hate to see you or any other members of your family hurt by this.

  2. Jen

    Thank you, Lucinda. I can use all the prayer I can get.
    I really don’t know how this is going to end. I just wish she’d get arrested or something.
    I’m considering that the next time she takes NMK with her to be with this man she claims beats her, I may call CPS to deal with it.
    She’s not leaving too many options for anyone in her life.

  3. jodi

    Actually that’s a very good option. If the guy beats her (or she says he beats her) and she keeps taking her kid over, that’s…I don’t know, it’s late and I’m tired, but it’s something bad and the first step in getting the kid and his mom separated. You can also call the cops when you know she’s drinking and driving.

  4. *sigh* I don’t think I’d ever pass an inspection. LOL.

  5. Sandi

    I am so sorry. I hate drama. That poor little guy – at least he has a positive female role model in his life (you!).

  6. Yuck. That’s all I have to say about that.

  7. Shawna

    I think I’d just echo VBC. It stinks. I think you’re wonderful. She sucks. He needs a hug. You’re awesome.

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