You know me and my Science Fiction Romance…

There’s some great one available. I’m going on a buying spree!!!

Two hearts are never more than one dimension apart.

A routine fuel run through one of the planet’s dimensional portals explodes in
violence when Major Geneieve Lockhart’s Jumper team is hammered with an
unprovoked attack. With her ship disabled and contact to mission control
limited, Genie faces her worst nightmare—losing her crew on the blood-soaked
floor of a foreign desert.

Help comes from an unlicensed freelance mercenary ship, piloted by a man she
never thought she’d see again. Her AWOL ex-lover, Lt. Col. Dante Bowen.

Bowen knows answering Genie’s distress call puts his undercover mission to
expose a governmental conspiracy at risk. But after faking his death six years
ago, he owes her something. Ending up chained in her cargo hold for transport to
his own court martial wasn’t the thanks-for-the-rescue he expected.

The bridges between them may be in ashes, but their desire burns as hot as ever.
Even as Genie wonders what happened to Bowen’s code of honor, her body betrays
her heart at every turn. The hostile race that attacked her ship, though, is
coming back to finish them off. The only way to ensure freedom—on both sides of
the dimensional divide—is to put her trust in the one man who betrayed it…

***Warning: Contains action-packed dimensional travel, hot military wartime sex,
betrayed lovers and evil, power-hungry bastards***


Where Sadie is all about control, Nual is all about making her lose it.

Rule number one, when living with aliens, never make assumptions.
Rule number two, knowledge is power.
Rule number three, don’t fall in love.

Assigned as an interpreter to the Cyngi, Liaison Sadie Beckit is left in the dark. The mysterious species’ data chip, from head quarters, holds minimal information and Ambassador Nual refuses to give her more. As the Red Dawn is held under siege in a remote part of space, the crew and passengers fight for their lives. Sadie’s orders are to escape but her heart is already a hostage.

Falling in love was not in her orders and broke rules one through three.

Genre: Sci-fi Romance/ Space Opera
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Sweet/sensuous




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4 responses to “You know me and my Science Fiction Romance…

  1. Evil power hungry bastards… yup you sold me. Both books look wonderful. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. The heartening thing is that there are more sci-fi romances around these days. 🙂
    I love having more books to add to my to-buy list.

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