Thirteen Songs From The “Commanded To Yield” Playlist

Yet another WIP playlist.
1. Discipline by Janet Jackson
2. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
3. I Like It Rough by Lady Gaga
4. Stupid In Love by Rihanna
5. Out In The Real World by Stream of Passion
6. Lose Control by Evanescence
7. Te Amo by Rihanna
8. Cold Case Love by Rihanna
9. Wrapped In Your Arms by Fireflight
10. Hand Of Sorrow by Within Temptation
11. In The End by Stream of Passion
12. Love Game by Lady Gaga
13. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation



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20 responses to “Thirteen Songs From The “Commanded To Yield” Playlist

  1. “Discipline” sounds like an awesome opening song for one of your Command books. Great playlist!

  2. Great list! I’ve only got about 2/3 of those in my library… I feel an iTunes spree coming on.

  3. Love “Lovegame” by Lady Gaga! Never heard of the rest!


    My TT is at

  4. Hm. I only know the Evanescence song.

    I soooo need to get out more…

    Happy TT!

  5. Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard of any of these before. Thanks for missing me the past month. January really sucked!

  6. Ooo goodie! Another playlist. I love your selections.

  7. sashadevlin

    I’ve never had a playlist for a particular book, but I think I may try this.

    Also, I canNOT stop singing Bad Romance. It’s like a sickness

  8. I thought Discipline started off your list well. Lady Gaga is on the radio here at this very moment – her singing that is, not the actual singer. 🙂

  9. Heh. I think you’re a bigger Lady Gaga fan than I am. 😛

  10. I love me some Evanescence and Lady Gaga. 🙂 Great list, Jen!

  11. Would it surprise you that we share a very similar tone to the songs for our writing playlists? I’ve got the Lady Gaga ones, and other Evanescence songs. Plus songs that say ‘Strike Me Down’, ‘Pain’, ‘Hurt’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’, ‘How to Save a Life’ and ‘Bleed Like Me’.

  12. That lady Gaga sure is a trip, eh? She sure knows how to draw attention to herself, gotta give her kudo’s for that. lol
    Great list. Happy T13

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