A I’m Sick And Where The Hell Is My Meds Just Sayin’

To Eureka Family Practice
Okay. It’s bad enough that it took you all a year to diagnose my gall bladder disease. And then you told me that, even though I was forty and wanted no more children, I was too young to have a hysterectomy despite the fact I was in massive pain every month. It’s bad enough that every, single Nurse Practitioner and one doctor I’ve seen in the last three years is GONE. But this? This was the last fucking straw.
My ear hurts. A lot. The only thing that will drag me into the doctor is SEVERE pain. I hate the doctor. I can’t swallow. Eating hurts. I’m close to going to the ER, but I don’t want to take my non-critical cold into the emergency room. So, I call you.
Yep. I have an ear infection. A bad one. Needs antibiotics. Three times a day for ten days. Right. Codeine cough syrup and we’re good. I ask “Is there anything I need to do for my prescriptions? Or are you going to call it in?”
Nurse Practitioner says “Nope. We’ll call it in. You pick it up.”
“Today, right?” It’s Friday at 4:30pm. I thought I’d better ask.
“Yes, today. Go up to the front and make an appointment for a full physical.”
I go up front. Make my appointments. And then I ask, “And you’ll call in my prescriptions?”
“To the Fortuna Rite Aide?”
“That’s what we have here.”
I leave, drive to Fortuna and head into Rite Aide for the relief that is going to get me through setting up for The Pinewood Derby and the early morning the next day for the Derby races.
They’re not there.
Call Eureka Family Practice. Talk to their on call doctor.
“You call tomorrow at 8:30 and I’ll fix you up. There’s no way I can do it tonight.”
*sigh* “Right. I’ll call tomorrow.”
Next morning. 8:30 call. Get the call center. They’re not there yet. 8:40 call. Put on hold. Call dropped. After that? I was too busy trying to check in cars, coordinate the races and doing the Pinewood Derby.
1pm. Finally finished cleaning up and I’m able to call. They’re all gone.
I’m fucked.
Talk to on call doctor who says “You’ll have to wait till Monday.”
YOU fucked up. YOU didn’t call in my meds. I shouldn’t have to chase them down. YOU screwed me out of SOME kind of relief this weekend. As a result of YOUR mistake, I spent the whole weekend on 800mg of Ibuprofen. The only relief I got was when I drank enough whiskey to kill the pain.
I can NOT believe you call yourself health professionals. You don’t take pain very seriously. And you don’t seem to realize some of us can still do what we have to do even when it hurts like a mothuh fucka.
You. Suck.
Just Sayin’
Edited To Add: Turns out you sent the prescription to Greens. Also, your office manager has just saved you from long term resentment.

To The Redneck
Reason #445 That My House Smells Like Dog Pee

The Redneck: Puppy! NO!
Me: What’s he doing?
The Redneck: I just caught him peeing.
Me: Where?
The Redneck. He only peed a little bit.
Me: But WHERE?
The Redneck: *shrugs* Idunno.

Just Sayin’
To My Cub Scout Committee
You guys are AWESOME. Especially you, Cindy. Saturday was actually kind of fun.
Just sayin’
To Michelle
God, I’ve missed you honey.
Just sayin’



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7 responses to “A I’m Sick And Where The Hell Is My Meds Just Sayin’

  1. ‘Reason #445 That My House Smells Like Dog Pee’ – LOL!

    Your pain relief nightmare sounds hellish in the extreme. You’re getting some relief now, though?

  2. jodi

    Ouch, gall bladder disease. I had that and had to get it out. It was misdiagnosed as stress for the longest time. (yes, doctors suck)

    I feel much, much better now, though–and can eat just about anything (and do *sigh*) Hope you finally got your meds. 🙂

  3. McKinleyvilleKris

    Gall bladder disease must be the most mis-diagnosed condition in Humboldt. Seems like they see a drug seeker instead of someone genuinely in terrible pain, or at least, that is how it went for me and the multitude of other people I know who have been left to suffer for too long. Not always the fault of doctors, who sees one of those these days? Usually it is a para-medical person you see for your $200 appointment.

    If you don’t pay a living wage it is difficult to get well-trained employees and that seems to be at the bottom of all the problems with health care delivery here. People working entry level jobs at the clinics seem to be fresh out of high school or recently off welfare with no idea of office procedure, no idea of the bigger picture. It is too bad for all of us.

    Only solution is to eat the rich, I guess. j/k

    • Jen

      LOL! I can’t eat the rich. I don’t have a gall bladder anymore.
      I totally agree. Though I see that often the doctors don’t listen to me. I’ve even written things down, determined not to be ignored. Hasn’t worked.
      And they wonder why I don’t like going to the doctor.

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