Thirteen Reasons To Read Jess Granger’s “Beyond The Rain”

It took me too long to buy and read Jess Granger’s book “Beyond The Rain”. Too, too long.
Thirteen Reasons To Read Jess Granger’s “Beyond The Rain”
1. The Cover.

2. Good Science Fiction Romance is hard to find
And this is damn good.
3. Soren
Ms. Granger’s hero is the perfect combination of tortured and sweet. What I love is that he is so absolutely male and so nurturing. I fell in love with Soren in the first chapter.
4. Cyani
What an AWESOME heroine. Strong, independent, yet vulnerable and tormented. The way she resists the temptation of Soren despite her own desperate needs was heart wrenching.
5. The Backstory
So often authors dump backstory in awkward ways. Hell, I do. But Ms. Granger unfolds Soren and Cyani’s past like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The way she dangled bits and pieces in front of me kept me turning pages.
6. I couldn’t put it down.
I went to bed last night anticipating my new purchase, and thinking I had a book to read for a week or so. Nope. I was up until 1 am devouring it.
7. The World Building
I love the different cultures here and how they clash. Brilliant.
8. The Gadgets
This was especially well done. I really got a sense of the kind of future awaiting in Granger’s stories.
9. The Hot Sexual Tension
Ms. Granger didn’t need to state the sex on the page for the whole sexual tension thing to be erotic and sexy. Long before Soren and Cyani actually consummate their attraction, the hot, steamy connection between them was highly satisfying. And I like my sex HOT. But Ms. Granger gave it all to me without once having to step into the erotic romance arena.
10. The Secondary Characters
I adored Cyn and can’t wait for his book. (Yes, I preordered it. You’re darn right I did.) Also, Vicca was a brilliant secondary character who never said one word.
11. The Conflict
As I said, the backstory unfolded slowly, but I love the way the conflict was never stated directly, but implied. From the beginning Cyani is clear she is NOT to be touched and there are references to horrific punishment. But it’s not until much later that I discovered what it was all about and why Cyani became the strong, competent soldier she is. This was so well done.
12. The Happy Ending
I was in doubt. I knew it had to end happily, but how? I mean, it made SENSE how it should end, but would the characters go that direction? Because another direction was also perfectly understandable. THAT is brilliant. THAT kept me turning the pages.
13. The foreshadowing for the next book
“Beyond the Shadows” is available for pre-order and there’s hints of what’s to come in “Beyond the Rain”.

This books was a stunning achievement and Ms. Grangers FIRST BOOK. Let me say this. I finally bought her book because I like Jess Granger’s online presence. I don’t know why I waited. If this book has been on your To Be Bought list, don’t hesitate. It’s worth it.
It’s available IN KINDLE FORMAT and in PAPERBACK.



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19 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Read Jess Granger’s “Beyond The Rain”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I loved this book, too & I’m so glad you got to finally read it.

  2. Jen

    Me too! I’m always so reluctant to plunk down money for an author’s first efforts, but I say this was definitely worth every penny.

  3. My to be read pile is getting bigger. *sigh

    This looks like a must read book.

  4. Sounds great and that cover is gorgeous!


    My TT is at

  5. Sounds like money well spent!

  6. Sounds interesting – I’ll have to check it out.

  7. It really is hard to find good SF/Romance. I’ll add this to my wish list.

    • Jen

      Another one for you to add, Alice, would be R.Garland Gray. She’s written a great series called “DARKSCAPE” and it rocks.
      I love my sci fi romance.

  8. One more to add to the list … thanks for the recommendation.

  9. sashadevlin

    I’m always looking for a good book. Thanks for the recommendation. Off to B&N Online…

  10. You sold me! Another to my TBR list! : )

  11. Oh, what a great review. The attraction between the main characters sounds like my favorite, favorite kind.

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