Contest Whiskey Wednesday Lillian Feisty

I’m still not putting up my Crown Royal bottle and glass until I can have some. Darn it.
But in honor of Whiskey Wednesday, I’m featuring a contest Lillian Feisty is having to WIN A FREE PRINT BOOK !

Okay, everyone. I have a release coming out February first! It’s called Dare to Surrender and has already received 5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance! (See my previous post for the review!) So I’m having a contest and going to give away a signed, advance copy of Dare to Surrender! All you have to do is pick your Favorite Feisty Fact and list it in the comment section of this blog post. I’ll pick a winner on Friday. Good luck! And, to make it even easier, I’m listing all the facts right here on this post. Now I’m revealing what a freak I really am! Have fun with that! (Oh, and BTW, I often just pick a random extra winner, cause that’s how I roll. Also, you get extra points if you find the hidden masturbation reference. Cause that’s also how I roll.)

Head on over there and read all about Lillian Feisty for a chance to win.


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