R. Garland Gray’s “Darkscape: Redemption

With my Christmas gift certificates (Thanks Mom and Minister’s Wife), I bought a few movies and two science fiction romance books “Darkscape: The Rebel Lord” and “Redemption”.

Though “The Rebel Lord” is the first in R. Garland Gray’s Darkscape series, “Redemption” arrived first and I tore into it before I realized it was a sequel. Sometimes, that’s problematic, but not with this series.
Ms. Gray’s world building in this story is brilliant. She has created a science fiction world based on old Scottish clans. I loved her rich, historical feel added to the modern science fiction flavors. She doesn’t skimp on the sci fi either. Her biological and scientific imagination is fascinating without being dry and boring.
The story is complex and multi layered with lush emotion and heart wrenching conflict. Ms. Gray held back nothing with her two characters and I fell in love with Declan almost as fast as Princess Fallon. Right at the beginning of the story, with Declan’s visit to Fallon’s father and their immediate connection, I felt the ties between these two people. The villainy that drives them together, also drives them apart but ultimately, it’s Declan’s inability to accept what he is that keeps them separated.
Princess Fallon is a brave, strong heroine who makes choices and accepts the consequences of those choices. Though she leaps before she looks, I never see her shift blame to her father, her culture or even fate. Her complete acceptance of Declan without reservation is beautiful and his eventual declaration of his feelings made my heart clench and I wanted to cheer.
The driving force in “Redemption” is the characters. Fallon and Declan are rich, wonderful people. They made this story. I had glimpses of Lord Lachlan (apparently the hero in “The Rebel Lord”) and I’m looking forward to diving into this story as well.
It’s not easy to find good Science Fiction Romance. I hope Ms. Gray continues to provide some of the best. Her next book comes out in December and I’ll be preordering it.


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