A Earthshaking Just Sayin’

To Humboldt County
Um, a magnitude of 6.5 and no Emergency Broadcast? KHUM was the only information we were able to get post event and I have to say they did an awesome job. There should have been specific instructions for people after the earthquake. No, it wasn’t a massive event. No, there weren’t tons of damage and death. But you put out a friggin’ advisory every time there’s a little wave, at least you could activate the emergency system when there’s a pretty good shaker.
Just Sayin’
To The BIL I Can’t Stand
Nice. So, your parents come home to a completely trashed house, glass everywhere, things broken and topsy turvy. They’re freaked out. But when the Redneck and I go to clean up, you decide to sleep in. Lying and saying “I’ll follow you,” only pisses me off. I’m not sure why the Redneck doesn’t chuck your ass out, but it sucks.
Just Sayin’
To Not My Kid’s Step Dad
Quit being an asshole. Whatever you and Not My Kid’s mom have going on, can’t you set it aside while you’re HOMELESS? Jeez. You’d think that a guy who is staying with strangers, who is unemployed, and is about two seconds from getting a restraining order on him might BEHAVE. Getting up in the middle of the night to walk to Not My Kid’s Mom’s work and demand the van when you DON’T HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE is totally stupid. I have some sympathy for your addiction, but not at my house damn it.
Just Sayin’
To God
It hasn’t escaped my notice that I’ve got two addicted people connected to Not My Kid. I haven’t missed that the addiction is alcoholism. I recognize that this is my job to do–to be that person who has seen/experienced recovery from the effects of the disease. Funny. I’m still addicted to alcoholics and “fixing” things. I still have difficulty with boundaries. I get that I still have work to do. Grant me patience. Right now. LOL.
Just Sayin’
To Michelle
I’ve missed you so much. Nothing reinforces that more than when I’m surrounded by people.
Just sayin’



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2 responses to “A Earthshaking Just Sayin’

  1. You just reminded me to bug my insurance agent about an earthquake rider. Our fault lines are barely active, if at all, but that just means the premium is super cheap, so no reason not to carry it just in case.

  2. Jen

    Get it while its cheap.
    My in laws have it but the deductible is $ 20,000!! Only really good for when the house collapses.

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