Whiskey Wednesday Random Good Stuff

Ups and downs this week, but it’s been pretty good all and all.
Some of you have read about Demolition Boy’s struggles. Well, we’ve got him on medication and he’s doing fantastic. I’m so proud of how much he really wants to succeed. He’s really been trying. In so many ways, he’s my little hero.
Things have turned out shaky but getting better for Not My Kid’s family. He and his mom are living here now, complete with the in and out boyfriend. But Not My Kid has SMILED every day. I call that a pumping arm victory. God has provided with a random phone call from a friend offering a job and Not My Kid’s mom may have some hope. It hasn’t been easy, not because anyone is “difficult”, but because I’m essentially selfish and like my quiet time.
This experience has made me grateful for the simple things. Like being able to shower every day and having gas in my car. Funny. I could have seen lines to soup kitchens, data numbers on homelessness and a million ads on hunger in America, but it wasn’t until it was up in my face, demanding ME to act, that I understood what it REALLY looks like.
It looks just like me. Only scared and hopeless.
I think about the times I’ve let the petty things, the little things, dominate my emotions. I’ve been depressed because someone was angry with me. I’ve slipped into hopelessness because I “wasn’t going anywhere” in career. I’ve been stressed out by disruption in my family due to ADD and other things. Yet, all in all, my family is a close, tight, loving unit. My life is a vacation compared to what others are going through right now.
Anyway, I suppose it’s never too late to learn, to feel grateful. Stress is relative. Things are still just as they were last year. The Redneck is still working out of town five days a week. Demolition Boy is still struggling in school. Train Boy is still resentful of anyone who intrudes on his little familial picture. My mother still disapproves of my choice of writing and PG&E is still a bunch of corporate pirates.
Yet, all of that seems…manageable.
I guess because I’ve seen true despair, true stress, my little worries don’t seem so big.
Oh, and I got an awesome review from Night Owl Reviews. Rita at NOR loved “MARKED FOR PLEASURE”.
This story was exciting from beginning to end. The characters were well written and had depth. I really enjoyed the push and pull between Rhea and Conner. If you’re looking for a hot, engaging read this is a good one.
I’ve also gotten some nice reader email which has made my week!!! I love it when readers who enjoy my books let me know they loved them. It reminds me to keep plugging away.
So, that’s it. The Random Good Stuff.
Got any?



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2 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Random Good Stuff

  1. Jen, have I mentioned lately how much I love coming over to your blog? No? Well, I thoroughly enjoy it. You’re an amazing writer. Here’s hoping 2010 brings you the contract of your dreams.

  2. You’re amazing yourself, Jen. Not everyone would open their home to a family like you have done. It is humbling when you see how wonderful life really is – even with all of its heartache, bruises and cliffs to scale.

    Very, very happy to hear Demolition Boy is doing so well these days 😀

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