A 2010 Just Sayin’

To Mr. Rob Arkley
I know you’re THE MAN in Humboldt County. Might I make a suggestion? Rather than waste your time trying to fight the idiots very passionate environmentalists that want to keep the Marina area in Eureka EXACTLY like it is, why don’t you bring back something that we all miss? The Eureka Inn.

It’s a landmark, a place all Eurekans can remember. Bring back the themed Christmas trees and the concerts of choir music that brought many of us out on cold, rainy nights. Bring back the once a year High Tea for Christmas. Bring back the special Jazz Festival venue that gave even more class to a classy event. Instead of trying to change Old Town, which will always be in the grip of the Coastal Commission, EPIC and other groups who have no wish to see business thrive in Eureka, start a little further inland and revitalize the areas that have historical significance as well. If they won’t put a seafood restaurant on the Marina, bring it to Eureka Inn. If they won’t take advantage of our location on the coast, bring it to the center of town. Just a suggestion.
Just Sayin’
To The Ladies In Chat
Thank you for all your whippin’. I love doing fast draft because of you.
Just Sayin’
To The Eureka City Council
How about making 2010 the year you decide to do the right thing? Let’s face it. No clean up plan for the Balloon tract is going to please everyone. Ever. Haven’t we seen this happen over and over? Plans for the city that involve “developing” the marina are also never going to make anyone happy. Clean it up. Whatever it takes. Clean. It. Up. After that? Consider the proposal that will bring people to the city. And go with hard numbers. Those who say we’ll have “EcoTours”, let’s see some progress. For five years, these people who have pounded for ecotourism have offered no solid numbers. What sort of taxes can it bring? It’s like building a theme park in the middle of the desert and wondering why no one comes out to your 100 degree amusement rides. Hellllooooo! Wake up. Numbers, people. Give us numbers. Cost Vs. Risk.
Just Sayin’



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3 responses to “A 2010 Just Sayin’

  1. Strange it wasn’t until now that where you lived clicked for me. One of my teachers did a case there a few years back. I think it involved a sheriff being fired.

    Yes, I know completely unrelated. That’s me. Queen of Tangents.

    So, OT: I love the ladies in chat too.

  2. Jen

    I believe I remember that case. Yes, we are VERY passionate about our politics here.

  3. Love the girls in chat… wish I could be there more often. ; ) Maybe tonight. I still haven’t made my word count in fiction.

    By the way, you have an award on my blog. ; )

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