What now?

So, Christmas is over and now it’s time to move on. The year is almost over and a new one faces us with new, shiny days. Frankly, I’ll be glad to see this year go, but there have been some awesome things to celebrate this year.
This is the year I learned much more about my craft than I ever have before. In a way, I found my voice. Unfortunately, it involves the “F” bomb. LOL. My Liquid Silver Books editor, Deanna Pryce, schooled me, raked me over the proverbial coals and taught me to stand on my work. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I made a ton of progress this year.
This is also the year I learned to write the book even though I’m pretty sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I wrote two books I knew wouldn’t be “best sellers”. “Legend Hunter” was a book featuring Big Foot and Humboldt County. I still love that book. It was a challenge to write and edit. That book helped me grow and I was well aware it might not be everyone’s “thing”. I also wrote Pamela’s story, a fem domme. I didn’t want to. I’m a natural submissive, and writing a female dominant has always been a challenge for me. But Pamela would not be denied. In the end, I’m proud I wrote that story and the emotional elements to Pamela’s life were both a joy and a burden. I was thrilled with Heidi Moore, my Samhain editor, picked up “The Christmas She Rules”. She was willing to give the book a chance and I’m thankful for that.
It’s taken me three years, but I’ve finally discovered what genre is my strongest. When I started writing back in the summer of 2005, I wrote romantic suspense. I love a mystery, but I found that my style leaned toward more action, more adventure. And though that can be done in the context of contemporary romance, I found my suspense offerings were flat. The Storm Series at Whiskey Creek is actually memorable because of the characters, the location and the interaction between them, not my plot. I tell you, when I get another story like “Heart of the Storm”, I’ll write it. Still, I haven’t “wowed” anyone with my suspense. It’s my science fiction that seemed to get attention. So, last Spring, I began to focus on Science Fiction Romance–specifically Erotic Sci Fi. I wrote a full length novel called “Dark Revenge” and did the query-go-round. Nothing yet, but the flow of writing, the rewards are so much more in this for me.
This is the year I stepped up my writing, my career, everything. My readers have been so patient, so loyal. I’m grateful to the ones who have stayed with me, reviewed me, encouraged me. I love to write contemporary BDSM. The power exchange between people fascinates me and I’ll continue to explore that aspect of romance.
This is also the year I’ve discovered the meaning of friendship. Rowan Larke has often been my backbone, my conscience and my one connection to someone who isn’t male. I’ve appreciated her friendship more than I can ever say. I probably wouldn’t have made it through the year without her.
New friends have become part of my life and my steady friends hung in there with me. Things may change, but I’ve extremely grateful for the love, patience and time they’ve all given me.
Next year will be interesting. I’m determined to start plotting, to continue to aim for New York, to deepen my writing. Changes are coming and I’m going to face them as best I can. I recognize that the people who got me through 2009 may not be there in 2010, but I also know others will. All in all, I face the new year with hope, gratitude and excitement.
I can do this.
End of narcissistic post. So, what are you looking forward to in the new year? What are you grateful for from 2009?
Here’s some pictures from Christmas for you.

Does my MIL look awesome? We had a great Christmas.



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2 responses to “What now?

  1. I’m looking forward to stability in my professional and personal life in the coming months. The lack of it is what’s stopping me from writing and editing but things are settling down.

  2. Jen

    I know things have been a roller coaster for you. I hope you get that stability soon.

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