Thirteen Awesome Things I Get To Do For Christmas

1. The Big Family Get Together
Christmas Eve we go to McKinleyville and have a huge party with our extended family.
2. Watch Uncle Frank be Santa
He makes a good Santa.
3. Eat tons of food
We go all out on Christmas
4. Prime Rib and Crab Salad
It had to have its own place.
5. Watch my kids open their presents
I’m hoping for that “OMG YOU’RE AWESOME!” response.
6. Listen to Christmas Music
Yep. It goes on until after Christmas.
7. Watch “A Christmas Story”
For the millionth time.
8. Spend time with the Redneck
I am hoping there will be some down time for us.
9. Cook
Yep. I love to cook and I’ll be doing a ton of it.
10. Take pictures
With my new digital camera that I’ve gotten for Christmas
11. Take it easy
Which I’ll get to do eventually.
12. A little Christmas Nookie
Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone.
13. The hugs I’ll get and give all day long.


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