Not holiday related Whiskey Wednesday

When is it best to “walk away”?
You can’t tell from online (or maybe you can and I’m delusional) but hanging with me can be…well…difficult. Michelle would say a big “Amen!” to that.
The Redneck would cautiously nod his head when I wasn’t looking.
And my mother would give you a run down on all the defects that make me a difficult person.
I’m hard headed, a smart ass and not always wise with my word choices. Which isn’t tough to deal with when you’re an acquaintance but not so easy when you’re a day to day person in my life. Believe me, I’m well aware of the shortcomings that create friction.
The one thing Michelle has always given me is two things. Honesty and acceptance. She’ll tell me when I screw up, but she doesn’t berate me for it, and accepts that I’m really sorry. I’m actually less insensitive than I used to be and have really tried to watch my words.
But like I said, hanging with me can be difficult.
I don’t blame people for wanting out.
Yet, knowing all of that, it still makes it tough to make the cut, call it quits. And for the people in my life, sometimes the words aren’t there. Sometimes, I have to say them.
I lose people and sometimes it’s my own damn fault.
I hope, for the short time they’re with me, I do more good than harm. Perhaps that’s the time to walk away–when the balance is still on the “good” side. It’s just tricky to know when that is.
Anyway, I know all that probably didn’t make much sense, but I thought I should say it.
And I’m still going to get good and drunk over it when I get the chance.



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10 responses to “Not holiday related Whiskey Wednesday

  1. Sue

    You aren’t getting rid of me THAT easy! You are stuck with me. I can hear the groaning all the way in Missouri 😉 *smooches*

  2. And this reminds me I still need to return your call… I’m a lousy friend!

  3. Jen, it’s good that you know your faults, but make no mistake- the people who really matter will forgive you those faults and see the wonderful person underneath. *hug*

    • Jen

      I think in my case, I have to be forgiven again….and again….LOL! Sometimes, I think people find that annoying. Why say “I’m sorry” if I’m going to do it again? I always feel bad when I do dumb stuff/insensitive stuff, but that doesn’t matter if I do again and again.
      I guess I’m lucky the Redneck has a thick skin. LOL.

  4. jodi

    uhm…you need to read my psych profile, lol. Jen, there are true friends and hello-goodbye friends, and while we might have a lot of hello-goodbye friends, the real deal can “see” you and deal with you, because you do the same for them. It’s not a one-way street.

    I lose people too, but when I look back on it, I never really had them. Cut yourself some slack, *poke* and back away from the angst.

    • Jen

      I think there’s friends that are good friends BUT over time the annoying stuff gets in the way.
      Some friendships end because one or both people change drastically. Some end because NOTHING changes.
      Sometimes it ends because life is an ever changing paradox.
      Right now, I’m a little obsessed because I didn’t want to let go…at all. I wanted to cling/hang onto something.
      I know. I know. It’s always something. LOL.

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