…the “established wisdom” doesn’t help.
For example: I’m a writer and I’ve been told a million times that you can’t please everyone, that reviews are subjective. Rowan Larke’s favorite question when I’m angsting over a review is “Are you going to write your books for *insert name of reviewer*?”
The problem is that the reviews reinforce that inner doubt. What if I can’t tell a story? What if the reason my Erotic Romance does better than my sensual romance is because the sex detracts from the lack of plot/lack of characterization?
What if I really can’t write?
These times come and go. Doubt is a curse and it’s a blessing. Without self-doubt, I would quit striving. If I thought I had it made, I’d get lazy and complacent. Without constant prodding, I’d definitely rest on my laurels.
But the trick is to know when the criticism is applicable and when it isn’t. Reviews are subjective, yes. No one likes to have their plot called “silly” or “common place”. No one likes to have their characters called “flat” or “two dimensional”. And certainly no one wants the world to hear that one’s writing is “sloppy”.
That’s what happens. The doubt creeps in making me wonder if I’ve made the right choices, picked the correct direction, worked on the right aspect of my writing. All of these things get in the way of the creative process. And it’s all PART of the creative process.
Go big or go home.
Every writer I know has those bumps in the road that throw them off–pathetic royalty checks, scathing reviews, generally being ignored–and yet, the ones who persevere are the ones who make it. I know all that. I tell myself all that.
And yet, sometimes….
Today, I hate Google alerts.
Today, I doubt.
Today, it won’t be easy to open my work in progress.
It’s all part of the glamorous life of an author.



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7 responses to “Sometimes….

  1. Big hugs hon. This business is so full of ups and downs…it drives me crazy. Wallow in the bitterness just for a day and then get back at it. 🙂

  2. Jen

    Thanks Karen. I do wish I had some kind of emotional armor so this shit didn’t bother me…but I don’t and it does. *shrugs*

  3. (((HUGS)))

    Yeah, I’m right there with you. Emotional armor would be nice. If you find some, let me know where to get it!

    Hang in there.

  4. By the way, your interview is up on my blog tomorrow. : )

  5. Sue

    And today you will take a deep breath and know that reviews are just one person’s opinion. Yes, I realize I am the Pot calling the Kettle black, but I believe a really wonderful writer by the name of Jennifer Leeland told me those same words just a few months ago.

    This too shall pass.

    Love you!

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