Random Whiskey Wednesday

It’s been a busy, busy week.
Christmas Cookie Weekend turned into Christmas cookie week. I’ll take pictures.

Taking care of someone else’s boy regularly is much harder than I thought. I mean, when I go head to head with my kids, it’s a battle wills I have a chance to win. With someone else’s, no such luck. I might win the battle and lose the war. *sigh*. I hate fighting over stupid stuff with a kid. But it was twenty degrees outside and a t-shirt isn’t going to work. A coat. Wear a damn coat. And you’re not leaving the house until you do. Yep. That went well.

Rewriting is not fun at all. I’m going to finish and I can see the end, but man, does it suck.

Do you need a little relaxation for the holidays? I suggest Jodi Redford’s “TAKING LIBERTY” which is one of the best Sci Fi Romance books I’ve read in a while. The action was fantastic and the world building was stellar. I fell in love with her hero along with the heroine and the tension between those two was electric. I especially loved her aliens and Jodi is a brilliant writer. I’m keeping an eye out for more of her sci fi. She and I exchanged a few emails and I was SHOCKED to discover it was her first sci fi. Yes, it’s that good. Good SFR is tough to find, so I hope we see a lot more from her soon.
I also suggest “The Dickens With Love” by Josh Lanyon (if you like m/m romance). The research Josh did for this book really makes this story shine. I love the characters and the plot is terrific. Josh always writes hot sex scenes and these are smokin’, but he ALSO adds the element of holiday angst and emotion that gives the story depth.

This hasn’t been an easy year. I’ve never been so eager to see a year come to a close. As 2009 winds down, I realize it’s been my most challenging, least productive year since I started writing in 2005. My writing has improved and I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone, but it HAS been a grind. My resolution for next year is to love writing again. I’ve had glimpses this year, but not many.

Good news!!! For those of you who follow my blog, you know that the Redneck works out of town five days a week. He’s been on the road for over four years and it has been a monotonous ride. He found out that he’ll be working close to home–only thirty minutes away–starting next March. Nothing is ever set in stone, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get to have him home for a while. I know that doesn’t sound like I’m jumping up and down, but I’m always cautiously optimistic. When he’s really home, I swear you’ll hear my “YEE HAW” all the way to Canada.

Oh, and I’ve been following along with Alaska Steve on his vacation. He has some absolutely stunning pictures of the Capitol and New York. Don’t miss them.His D.C. pics were gorgeous, but I love the take he had on Seattle.

Got any ideas for a Thursday Thirteen? LOL.



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2 responses to “Random Whiskey Wednesday

  1. Shawna

    I’m with you… 2009 won’t stand out in my mind as my favorite year by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed about the Redneck.

    : )

  2. Jodi Redford

    Praise coming from the woman who wrote The Christmas She Rules. The book I’ve devoured twice now. Jen, you’re making me blush. đŸ˜‰ And I’m with you all the way–2009 has been a challenging year. Hopefully that means next year will be amazing and we’ll all win the lottery or something.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Redneck too.

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