A Don’t Spoil The Mood Just Sayin’

To The Universe
I hate to tell you, but I’m ENJOYING the Christmas season. Last weekend was Christmas Cookie Weekend. And just like every year, I have gone all out. I’m not even remotely finished, so Christmas Cookie Weekend has morphed into Christmas Cookie week. Don’t mess with me. I don’t want to hear about politics or Tiger Woods or Oakland’s new murder records. Just let me walk around in my self induced sugar high.
Just Sayin’
To the Dirt Faced Okie Boys
Nice Job boys. Check out the picture of the tree you decorated.

To These Guys

HILARIOUS! And great singing. (I had to add this song to go with the picture doncha know)
Just Sayin’
To my characters
Nice of you to finally get it together. Now, if you could just do that ONE AT A TIME! Sheesh.
Just sayin’
To Whoever Sent me the Really Nice Carpet cleaning Vacuum
Um, okay. I don’t know whether to take that as a “Here’s something I know you’ll love” or “Jeez, slob, clean up your house!”. I haven’t opened it. Until I know who sent it…Weird, I know. But it’s a little disturbing to come home to find a box at the back door, only my name on it and no return address except Target.com. *shakes head* It’s just a little freaky.
Just sayin’



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2 responses to “A Don’t Spoil The Mood Just Sayin’

  1. jodi

    I wish someone would leave “me” a vacuum cleaner. A working vacuum cleaner that sucked up my daughter’s yard long hairs and didn’t die. Maybe someone wanted you to get those after Christmas pine needles?

  2. Jen

    Ah, the mystery is solved.
    It turns out that the vacuum cleaner was sent by mistake.
    Someone put a packing label from a comforter I ordered onto the vacuum cleaner so Amazon sent it to me.
    A very nice woman fixed it all last night and I’m taking that sucker to UPS to send it back.
    HAH! It’s not because I’m a filthy slob. LOL.

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