Thirteen Things I’m Grateful For

An easy TT.

1. The Redneck
He’s wonderful. He’s a great Dad, works so hard and has a generous heart. He’s been the one solid thing in my crazy life. I love him.
2. The Dirt Faced Okie Boys
They drive me nuts, but I adore them. They’re so precious.
3. The Redneck’s job
It hasn’t been easy. He works out of town and is only home on the weekends, but he’s employed which is more than many others can say.
4. My Office Job
It’s only 6 weeks a year, but it makes enough to save us from drowning.
5. My Writing
Over the last three years, I’ve started to see some results from the books I’ve put out. I love to write and it never lets me down.
6. Rowan Larke
She’s the best.
7. Loribelle Hunt
That Southern style with a gun.
8. Crystal Jordan
She’s an inspiration.
9. Toni Sue VerSteeg and Gwen Hayes
We don’t talk all the time, but they keep me going.
10. Melissa Blue
She ALWAYS makes me laugh and that’s important.
11. Michelle
My best friend who loves me no matter what.
12. Our house
It’s falling apart. It’s got horrible plumbing. And a PINK oven. But it’s ALL OURS!!!
13. Coffee
I know. Shallow and pathetic. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee. LOL.

There’s many other things–other bloggers that make my day, Romance Divas, The Galaxy Express, Twitter, NASCAR and stuff like that–but I had to limit it to thirteen.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thinking about you, hoping you all find something in this season to be grateful for. And if you can’t, God bless you today with love, with laughter, with a feeling of peace.



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7 responses to “Thirteen Things I’m Grateful For

  1. Shawna

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Hey, coffee is on my list. Without it, well, you just wouldn’t want to be around me. : )

    Have a wonderful day, enjoying your many blessings!

    A pink stove? Interesting. Makes you wonder what the manufacturer was thinking: Barbie? LOL My girls would LOVE it.

  2. Witchy Woman

    We’re terrible, we really are. I posted my list a few days ago on my blog, and you guessed it–I included coffee as well. I figure anything that keeps my eyes open & is legal should be thanked.
    Jennifer I’ll be sending you an email invite incase you want to see my list.
    Happy gobble gobble day to you & your readers!

  3. jodi

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jen 🙂

  4. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Sue

    I know I’ve fallen into a chasm lately, but it isn’t just from you, I promise! I lurve ya hon! I hope you had a great Turkey Day!

  6. DynamoHum

    Hi Jen, I was dissapointed in the thanksgiviving blogs I read (Mirror, Heraldo). There just wasn’t the positive that I hoped to see , times are tough but we should all focus on how great life is. May I offer why I love about my life. I’m pretty selfish (and self obsorbed?):
    Parents that loved me and raised me right
    Family that put up with me
    Was smart and went to college
    Didn’t go to Vietnam
    Worked at jobs that I loved
    Lived in places that I loved
    Had friends that I loved
    Never paid alimony
    Never paid child support
    Don’t have a mortgage
    Have not had a car payment in 25 years
    Got rid of my last girl friend (300 lb. pain in the ass)
    Live in a place where it never freezes
    Roof over my head
    Food in the refrigerator
    Money in the bank
    I know I’m luckier than most

  7. Hope the holiday of yours was wonderful. Sounds like you had a houseful. We went downstate and spent it with family. It was great. 20-some odd people … but not at my house. *g*

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