Is It New Year’s Yet ? Just Sayin’

To The Universe
Having a laugh at my expense? On the day I’m going to clean my house (cause I am the worse housekeeper EVAH!) the microwave breaks and I have to go get a new one. Half the day gone. Aaaand one of Demolition Boy’s friends got evicted from their apartment (him and his mom) so we took in their puppy and their cat. (Yep. I’m now the proud keeper of 1 bearded dragon DB’s b-day present, 1 alligator lizard compliments of the Redneck, 2 full grown dogs, 1 puppy, and 1 cat) We’re totally broke and pulling Thanksgiving and Christmas out of our asses (though at least we’re not being evicted etc. We’re blessed). My cell phone is failing and the battery lasts about 2 seconds. To top it off, Jimmy Johnson took the points championship which makes me grind my teeth a lil’ bit. Have any idea how hard it is to mop floors, clean carpets and get things ready for the whole family coming over for Thanksgiving with the entire zoo living at my house? Oh, and our evicted friends are coming over for Thanksgiving too. Sooooo a total of thirteen for dinner…so far. Let me just say, that’s I’m kind of teetering on the edge of insanity. I’m starting to LIVE there.
Just Sayin’
Not sure what’s going on. Don’t care. Don’t know why you’ve suddenly “cleaned up” but getting all self-righteous about your Ex goes over like a lead balloon. After being a total tool for the last few months, I am not going to join you in being “appalled” at her behavior when yours has been pretty shitty. Suggestion? Try being a stand up Dad and take care of your daughter….ALL the time not just when you feel like it.
Just sayin’
To Gwen Hayes
Thank you.
Just sayin’
To The Guy In White Car Who Just About Caused An Accident
You’re an idiot. I don’t care where you had to be or if you were late. Passing THREE cars on the right and then cutting in front of the car in front of ME to the point that we were all STANDING ON OUR BRAKES makes you dangerous. I hope you get lots and lots and lots of tickets. Idiot.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
Here’s to four days home, honey. I can’t wait.
Just Sayin’



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8 responses to “Is It New Year’s Yet ? Just Sayin’

  1. Oh, man. Universe – leave her alone! *fist in the sky*

  2. Shawna

    A big cyber hug! Wish I was there to help you clean up! Not that my house is pristine, it’s just always easier to clean somewhere else.

    I opted for pizza for dinner this Thanksgiving — and being thankful I don’t have to cook. ; )

    My mom nixed the idea and for the first time in 15 years, she’s cooking dinner.

    Should be interesting.

    Hang in there.

    • Jen

      Damn! Pizza! Why didn’t I think of that? But then, I think the family would be like Peppermint Patty? “You call this a Thanksgiving dinner? Where’s the turkey?…”etc etc. LOL.

  3. DynamoHum

    Life and family trully are blessings.
    Be thankful this holiday season.

  4. Oh, honey. I know you’re on the edge of sanity, but you are well over the line of fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving! *kisses*

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