If I Was “That” Kind Of Girl (Thursday Thirteen)…

….thirteen people I would put out a hit on. (But I’m not. I write. So maybe it should be “Thirteen People I Would Murder In My Stories)
I offer you a quote from Maggie in “Addicted to Love” referencing her ex. “It’s not like I want him to die or anything, but then again, people die every day. Why should he be any different?”
1. PG&E Policy Makers
These brilliant people (and I use the term loosely since I’m not positive they’re human) have determined that the best way to get someone to pay their bill is to charge them an insane amount MORE on top of their bill. We’re not talking a “service charge” of five or ten bucks to sort of smack a customer upside the head. We’re talking four hundred dollars more which is twice as much as my current charges. A deposit. Welcome to tough times, folks, where those who can screw those who are already screwed right into the wall. I can’t even tell them to go pound sand since they’re the only game in town. So, yes, if I had mob connections, I would spend my four hundred dollars in another way.
2. Peter Pan
If you read my blog, you know this is one of the Redneck’s coworkers who has a deadly combination of ego and smooze. I dislike him intensely and would not feel bad in the least if he disappeared suddenly and no one knew where he was. In fact, he’s the kind that would keep cement in business.
3. That Woman In Cub Scouts
I’m being nice here. She has a different name most of the time, but I thought I’d spare you the more hostile name. Needless to say, she’s difficult, anal and very, very “mean girl”. She’s starting to grow on me more these days, but that might just be because I can’t REALLY take a hit out on people. I’m totally writing her into a book though.
4. Certain Members Of Wall Street
Truly there are some people who REALLY need to be targeted. You know. The ones who are making a killing on other people’s misery. The ones who are talking Federal money and vacationing in the Caribbean. THOSE people. I need a list.
5. Credit Card Companies
Who are jacking up rates for no apparent reason other than they can. The ones who get customers to sign up for them and then dick them into bankruptcy. Oh wait! That’s ALL of them.
6. Banks
Even my own, who isn’t too bad, but who, in tough times, chooses to RAISE the amount for bounced checks. I don’t know about you, but I have overdraft protection because I SUCK at money. But what I didn’t count on was for the fees to go from a modest $12 (five years ago) to $33 now. More than doubled. Thanks so much. What exactly IS the point of this? It’s not like I do it on purpose! Damn it.
7. The Con Men
Anyone who has committed fraud. I mean the guy who cheated disability because it’s that jerk that made it difficult to get disability. Or that woman who cheated welfare, because she guaranteed the department would make those of us who might REALLY NEED IT have to jump through hoops. Or the tax evaders who have created a nightmare for those of us who are totally honest about our taxes. You’re the reason the “help” that’s there ISN’T THERE. It would be worth it to get rid of a few of you.
8. Book Pirates
I don’t say much about this because, well, there’s not a damn thing I can do. But when someone offers my books free for download, I see that as one more slap in the face in my struggle for success. It’s hard enough to get those readers who will follow a writer through thick and thin. But when pirates just paste it up there for anyone to get for free, it’s tough not to get frustrated. Hell, I know “free” is better. And the argument is that someone who would download it free wouldn’t buy it. Probably true. Still, if I had “The Box” that would guarantee….Okay, never mind. I wouldn’t. LOL.
9. Bullies
Long list here from those assholes in the Republic of Congo who brutalize their own people for diamonds to that rotten kid at Demolition boy’s school who punches him and denies it. (Why the teachers believe him, I don’t know, but there’s hot place in Hell for the constant bully who picks on kids smaller/younger than him.) I don’t like bullies.
10. Whoever Dictates DMV policy
Here’s another place a person gets screwed. In California, if you don’t pay your renewal (license or registration) fees within the first 30 days, it’s DOUBLED. After that, every month adds a higher percentage. Yep. Because if you can’t pay the ORIGINAL amount on time, adding MORE onto the total will get it paid faster. *rolls eyes*
11. My Mailman
He’s a jerk. ‘Nuff said. And another one of those people I can’t bash because he’ll mess with my mail. (Which he did btw).
12. The IRS
Another bureaucracy that has gotten WAY out of hand. Perhaps a few well placed “accidents”??? No? *sigh* I’m probably going to end up on some FBI watch list for these. But MAN, there’s a lot of frustrating things out there right now.
13. Telemarketers
Especially the one for the Times Standard who thought calling at 9pm was acceptable. I don’t like telemarketers. At all. But really they’re just trying to make a living. So maybe I mean the CEOs that run their companies and USE telemarketers. I just know they irritate me and I want them to go away.

Aren’t you glad I’m just a helpless citizen just like everyone else? LOL.



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23 responses to “If I Was “That” Kind Of Girl (Thursday Thirteen)…

  1. I’m finding hard to disagree with you on any of these.

    So I won’t. Especially on the telemarketer thing. Ugh.

    Happy TT, anyway, though.

    Ciao! 🙂

  2. That about sums things up. One for me would be, people who live above your patio, who insist on pouring dirty pail water over their balcony. I swear if it ever hits me….well, it ain’t gonna be pretty lol
    Happy T13!

  3. Awesome list. I despise PG&E. I used to live in California. I remember those days. ~shudder~ I don’t think they should be allowed to be in business. Sigh.

  4. Oh, yeah. One of our credit card companies did that. Thankfully, we don’t carry a balance on that card, but when they bought the accounts from another bank, they immediately cut my limit (by a factor of 10) because I was “underutilizing” my card (gee. that’ll encourage me to spend on it). Then they doubled the rate. DOUBLED. Because that will OBVIOUSLY make me want to spend more on that card. *headdesk*

  5. That can’t be right, what PG&E is doing. Seems like there used to be a law….

  6. I think I love you and I know a great place to hide bodies, just sayin’

  7. Why do I still get telemarketers even though I’m on the do not call list?

  8. Telemarketers from foreign countries are even worse. We get a lot of those these days!
    Oooh….you’ve just given me a great story idea. Thanks so much xoxox

  9. I can agree with you on almost all of this. Except the local power company, seeing as my bill dropped $22 since last month. Gotta love that! But telemarketers…there isn’t a punishment harsh enough. I had one call me before 7 in the morning once, looking for a sister who has never lived here.

    Hope you feel better after venting! 😉

  10. I don’t like bullies either, all bullies should be tasered regardless of age.

    One kid punched my daughter (age six) in the tummy right in front of me. I dragged his ass down to the office and he had the fat nerve to yell, “its not fair, its not fair.”

    He thought I was geing mean to him.


    Happy TT.

  11. Great list. Listen, I know this guy in Mexico … just saying …

  12. Oh, I did forget. There’s another person I’d add to my personal list … baby girl’s boyfriend. He’s one of those unemployed schmucks with a wicked temper who expects my daughter to have two jobs (while attending college) to carry his lazy ass through life. Yeah, a hit on that guy would be nice.

    • Shawna

      Sooo….. How hard would it be to convince you to add one more to your list? : )

      Nice T13. If you need a place to lay low for awhile, let me know. ; )

  13. *twirling my diabolical mustache*

  14. Holy smokes lady! I couldn’t have written this better myself!

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