In Rememberance Of You….

For all of you who fought. Some I know. My father served in the Navy before he was old enough to serve, lying to get into the military. Then, in the Marine Corps, serving in Korea and coming home with shrapnel in his leg.
To Sarge aka Dellard Graves who served in Korea and was one of 50 men out of two thousand who survived one of the most horrible massacres of American troops in the Korean War.
To Grandpa Patton who parachuted into Europe in WWII.
To Grandpa North who served on several battleships in WWII.
To my Uncle Mike who served in the Marine Corps.
To my cousin Eric who also did a tour.
To the Redneck’s cousin Frankie who served in the Big Red One and committed suicide in 1999.
To so many we know and many we don’t who have been that line in front of us. We love you.

And this one. I always put this one up because I love it.

And finally, one from a man who was there in the 90’s.



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4 responses to “In Rememberance Of You….

  1. Remembering with you, Jennifer.

  2. Jen

    I saw that Julia. Thanks for coming by.

  3. jodi

    no way am I clicking on those links. It’d be like watching that Wal-mart commercial.

    I like to remember without crying. *pat pat*

  4. Jen

    I don’t know what it is about Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and 9/11 but I always cry anyway.

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