A Post Halloween Pre Holiday Insanity Just Sayin’

To the Year 2009
I’m counting it down. I cannot WAIT until you’re gone. Even with some of the “ups”, you’ve been a pain in my butt. I can say with confidence that I beat you to the carpet. You didn’t get me with your disappointments, your financial insanity or your constant stress. I’m calling that a win. No matter what you throw at me in the next two months, I WIN.
Just sayin’
To the UnNamed Teacher’s Aide who Is Demolition Boy’s Nemesis
Really? Who is the adult here? Seriously, you need to recuse yourself when it comes to my kids because you CLEARLY don’t like children who speak their minds, stand up for themselves, or state their opinions. Yeah, those independent ones are a real pain, aren’t they? Don’t make me go all mama bear on you and whoop your ass.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
Apology accepted.
Just Sayin’
So, you sucked me BACK into “Flash Forward”. And you fixed the sound on the race announcing. But then, you gave me such winning Texas cliches at Sunday’s race such as “Saddle up” and “This isn’t his first rodeo”. I suggested on Twitter we should create a drinking game, but the consensus was we’d be too drunk to enjoy the finish. Please, ABC, less Rusty Wallace and more Dale Jarrett.
Just Sayin’
To Kurt Busch
Lucky, lucky man. I’ll bet Thanksgiving dinner will be interesting with your brother after kicking his butt on Sunday. Nice racing.
Just Sayin’
To Jimmie Johnson
Well, now. It isn’t NEAR as much fun racing for points when you’re 120 laps down, is it? Just a clue-by-four; RACING FOR POINTS ISN’T RACING!
Just Sayin’
To The Democratic Party
Were you paying attention to last Tuesday’s elections? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Just in case you think you have it all sewed up, you don’t. The American people don’t like having crap rammed down their throat. It’s why we’ve always balanced the executive and the legislative powers-one Democrat, one Republican. The times the legislative branch and the executive branch have been the same party has resulted in disaster. Post Civil War reconstruction. Isolationist policies of the early twentieth century. There are others. Anytime the two levels of government have had no checks and balances, America has suffered. I’m hoping the rest of the voting community will see this. Do I think the Republicans should run everything? Hell,no. But I do think having an overwhelming party majority has created a major crisis. No one party should have such power. As you saw on Tuesday, what is granted, can be taken away. Stand up and provide you’re own checks and balances. Show America that you’re willing to consider what they want rather than making a point against the other side. Become the moment in history where one party rose above its own greed and acrimony to go slowly, watch its step, spend wisely. Be that party.
Just Sayin’



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4 responses to “A Post Halloween Pre Holiday Insanity Just Sayin’

  1. I love your just sayin’ posts. Just sayin’. 😉

  2. jodi

    Your just sayin’ posts always remind me of a cross between Garrison Keillor and The O’Reilly Factor. *poke* Are you writing? How’s your porch? Comfortable? Enough room for a chair?

    • Jen

      *snirk* I always wondered what Keillor and O’Reilly would sound like together. Now I know.
      Yes, I’m writing. It’s slooooooow going, but it’s going.

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