A Late Just Sayin’

Seriously? You’re totally out of your ever lovin’ minds. 1. The Car of Tomorrow, for all it’s fantastic safety gizmos, is STILL the most boring addition to racing I’ve ever seen. It’s the same for every driver, no variations so that drivers can make headway against another. AND it goes airborne as evidenced by Carl Edward’s spectacular crash at Talladega in April and Ryan Newman’s similar crash Sunday. 2. Telling drivers “not to bump draft in the turns’ at Talledega is like telling me not to breathe. Silly. Pay attention to your fans. The points race is a joke with Jimmy “play it safe and don’t race Juan Pablo Montoya” Johnson in the lead and the last ten races being basically geared toward his type of driving instead of racing. You’ve managed to turn even Talladega into a snore fest. Bring back the real NASCAR when drivers RACED rather than points raced.
Just Sayin’
To Internet Drama
I don’t have the energy or the time. As much as I want to get involved in your juicy goodness, I’m walking away.
Just sayin’
To Jimmy Johnson
Um, first of all, I find it kind of interesting that when Newman was upside down and they weren’t sure if he was going to get out, you’re only thought was “ how do I get to the front.” I’m pretty sure that’s not how you meant it, but that’s exactly how it sounds. You’re not exactly warm and fuzzy, you know what I mean? Maybe if you smiled every once and a while…….
Just Sayin’
To Mark Martin
Class as always.
Just sayin’
To ABC and “Flash Forward”
I’m still pissed about the cancellation of “Defying Gravity” and then you give me this show. Okay. So, for those of you who aren’t watching, two of the main characters Mark and Olivia Benford are a married couple who, along with most everyone on the planet, blacked out for two minutes and forty-seven seconds or something and saw the future. Mark is a recovering alcoholic complete with sponsor who makes a cameo appearance. In Mark’s Flash Forward, he saw himself drinking while trying to solve the mystery of the global blackout. Olivia saw herself saying “Hi honey” to a half naked man…who wasn’t Mark. Conflict!!!! Now, the last episode I was able to stomach, Olivia and Mark have been struggling since Olivia told Mark what she saw and, of course, Mark is jealous. (Frankly, as the episodes progress, it’s easy to see why. Time after time, they see how the future is coming true and he’s terrified she’ll kick him to the curb. For good reason, apparently). So, in a stroke of weirdness that characterizes the whole series, Mr. Half naked is the father of one of Olivia’s patients and this kid runs away (he’s autistic) to Olivia’s house. (Because in the KID’s Flash Forward he LIVES at Olivia’s house). Now, Mark is pissed when the kid shows up followed by Mr. Half Naked. They argue and then, Mark admits that he saw himself drinking in his Flash Forward.
And she basically tells him she won’t go through that again.
First of all, if Mark is in recovery, why hasn’t Olivia been exposed to some recovery? She clearly still blames Mark for the drinking seeing herself as an “innocent victim”. Those of us who have been involved in the disease of alcoholism understand that we play a part in our family’s destruction. Doesn’t Olivia see that by booting Mark to the curb for drinking he hasn’t done yet, she’s ensuring the hurtful future they both saw? AND even though Mark knows she is with another man in her Flash Forward, he doesn’t boot HER ass out. So, I have to say I can’t watch. I know that all this has to happen for a plot device, but I choose not to watch it. The plot has been convoluted anyway and hard to keep up with. (And I stuck with the X-files to the bitter end so that’s saying something). I wish you good luck, but with your track record, I’m sure you’ll reach the cliff hanger and ABC will cancel it.
Just Sayin’



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3 responses to “A Late Just Sayin’

  1. DynamoHum

    It was sure anti-climactic to watch the end of the race this weekend. It was boring for the most part, with flashes of excitement and then just when you thought it might get good at the end, it ends under caution. Unbelievable flip by Ryan Newman, they were saying on Nascar Now that the very aerodynamics that keep the car on the ground @180 mph is what make them go in the air when they are backwards. They have to change something. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

  2. Jen

    Hope your Halloween was good too.
    My argument is still that whatever they did to the car has made it prone to this PARTICULAR kind of crash. One that sent Edwards into the fence causing a fan to get hit in the face with debris.
    I’m not saying we should go back to the old days. But I am saying they should stop messing with the rules and just let the damn drivers race.

  3. I have no idea what’s going on with the internet drama…but I don’t like getting involved in anything anyway. It seems there are never winners and things get totally misconstrued on both sides.

    I’ve given up on ABC and their shows. *shrugs*

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