Thirteen Of My Favorite Halloween Candy.

Halloween is only two days away. Believe me, the countdown has been constant at my house. I mean, this is Demolition Boy’s favorite holiday.

almond joy
assorted minis
candy corns
charleston chew
jolly ranchers
m and ms
mounds candy bar
peanut butter cups
tootsie rolls



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11 responses to “Thirteen Of My Favorite Halloween Candy.

  1. Yummm … I love anything and everything chocolate. LOL Have a great Halloween, Jen! 🙂

  2. Yummy!
    This is my oldest two’s favorite holiday, too. I try very hard not to dip into their stash, but I usually fail.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh, yum…now I want Mounds Bars! Happy Halloween to you and yours!

  4. I’m with you on all of them! They’re all yummy!


    My TT is at

  5. I love chocolate – but milk chocolate gives me migraines. So I hunt through the minis for the special darks and stick to Mounds rather than Almond Joy. lol.

  6. WAAAaaannnnnt!


    There are some things I really, really miss this time of year. You’ve pictured several of them. LOL!

    Happy TT!
    Happy Halloween (in advance)!

  7. Great, now I’m hungry.

    Anybody got any bacon to go with that chocolate? Yes, I’ve been bitten by the bacon bug. Sigh, what is life coming to?

  8. This year I went up scale. I got bloody eyeballs, severed hands and gummy ears.

  9. The bite sized Milky Ways are my Halloween favorite. But it occurred to me today I have yet to have any candy corn. Now, that’s just wrong!

  10. You can have all of my candy corn if I get a Reeces Peanut butter cup. : )

    Have fun!

  11. Mmm…*opening my trick or treat bag*

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