A I Can Call Someone Else Just Sayin’

To California AAA and Clyde’s Towing
So it finally happened. The Redeck was out in the middle of nowhere and his brakes went out. And when I called you, AAA, to finally earn all that money we’ve paid you over the years, you covered the first FIVE TOWING MILES. Five. Five fucking miles. He’s a hundred miles from the nearest town and you’ll cover five. Fucking. Miles. Wow. And THEN, Clyde’s Towing (advertised in the yellow pages for “long distance towing”. yeah I’ll bet, assholes) wants $7 a mile. That’s right, folks. You, too can be bent over and screwed without lube by the local towing service if you just call AAA emergency road service. Luckily, we live in Redneck country and out in the boonies was a guy with Mad River Towing (near Ruth Lake) who quoted $250 to tow the Redneck over a 100 miles at 11pm at night. They’re my heroes. And you guys? You’re on my shit list.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
When your brakes go out, the phrase “I’ll just try and limp home on my own” shall never again be uttered. Are we clear?
Just Sayin’
To Peter Pan
Just a hint. When you arrive on a new job, it’s probably NOT good etiquette to inform your previous crew that you’re coming over to “kick the Redneck out of his chair”. It’s also probably not too smart to begin to critique the performance of the other crane operators on the job. And it’s also not to bright to blame the equipment and the crew when you have problems and don’t do so great. Man up, little boy. You’re going DOWN.
Just Sayin’
To Jimmy Johnson
Okay. I get that you’re Mr. Winner. I see that you’re an awesome driver. But could you PLEASE smile every once and a while? You know, a little bit of happy for the fans? Right now, you look more like a robot that Matt Kenseth ever thought about resembling. It’s disturbing. And annoying.
Just Sayin’
To The Deer of Humboldt County
You’re officially safe for another year. Congratulations! You deserve a good rest.
Just Sayin’



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7 responses to “A I Can Call Someone Else Just Sayin’

  1. That really sucks about AAA.

  2. Jen

    No kidding. It would have been $700 to tow the Redneck from where he broke down.
    I’m SO grateful that Mad River Towing quoted us a better affordable price.

  3. verybadcat

    AAA called me years ago to ask me to become a member, like the do everyone and their Uncle. I asked them if they cover towing out of National Forests and National Parks. No. Well then, screw you. I can dial 411 and get my own towing service.

  4. The whole NASCAR scene has really become quite robotic in the last 10 years. That’s why I still love the short tracks–without bumping, grinding and sliding, it ain’t nothing! (That could also probably be said about at least one other activity, too.)

  5. anonymous

    ya know AAA has another plan thats still affordable and covers 100 miles of towing. Its like $79 a year instead of $39 I think.

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