Instead of a Thursday Thirteen….

I’d like to pay tribute to a blogger friend.
Four years ago, October 21, 2005, The Redneck Mommy lost her Shale bug. Sometime in 2006, I stumbled across her (one of those click here, click there things) and fell in love.
I didn’t realize the reason she’d started blogging, the reason she made me laugh almost every day, was because her little boy, her precious gift, had died in her arms. To deal with the grief, she blogged. She blogged the grief and she blogged her humor but she never, ever gave in.
Since she started her blog, she’s become pretty famous. She’s won numerous “Bloggie” awards and even did a stint on CNN.
Now the day is filled with both pain AND joy. As always though, she maintains her humor. I love to read her, love to follow her and store all those little gems she puts out there (especially the one about boobies) in my little brain.
Thank you, Tanis. Thank you for sharing your grief, your redneckism, your Canadian patriotism, your love of Hockey and your hilarious mishaps with the rest of us.
Go visit her. I could list thirteen reasons to do it, but they’d be my reasons. I’m sure you’ll find thirteen of your own.



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19 responses to “Instead of a Thursday Thirteen….

  1. Oh wow, great post and nice inspiration. And kudos to her for dealing with her sorrow with humor.

  2. Aw thanks Sugar.

    You always make me feel like a million dollars.

  3. What a lovely recommendation.

  4. I found Tanis through you, so thanks. I love her style and her stories are wild, crazy, and always passionate. Thanks lady :).

  5. Awwww … what a great post, Jen. 🙂 Happy Thursday. *Hugs*

  6. cmtorrens

    How sweet. Great post.

    Happy T13!

  7. Jen,
    Wow. I read the links you put up and a few other entries on RnM’s blog. Both of you are a source of inspiration and how to live life, especially the difficult aspects of it, with a bit of humor. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I read a couple of posts too and found myself nodding in agreement. Very inspirational!

  9. A truly touching tribute, here. Thanks so much for sharing your feelings and acknowledging her work.

    Happy TT…

  10. Jen

    Thanks guys. I’ve loved Tanis’ blog for over three years now.
    She rocks.

  11. Shawna

    I found her the same way you did. She’s an awesome person.

  12. How sad! But the blog looks wonderful.

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